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View Full Version : Propylhexedrine Drug Testing

2008-06-22, 21:56
Note: I am completely ignorant to anything drug testing related. I know a good amount about drugs and the human body, but my knowledge is limited. Chemistry, though; just check Lab Tips, which is generally the only place I post.

Anyway. Does anyone know about Propylhexedrine and drug testing? The molecule is so similar to that of methamphetamine, it makes me wonder if it could ever possibly come up on any typical drug test. I know that the metabolites are not the same at all (obvious), but I am curious as to whether or not a drug screening would show a positive for amphetamines. . . ?

Anyone know? If not, anyone willing to take some propylhexedrine, and buy a Wal-Greens drug test?

Thanks for ya'lls help :)

2008-06-22, 23:58
I doubt it. On a cheap at home test kit it could possibly cause a flase positive. But I doubt it would do that on a gas chromatograph.

Also there is a drug testing thread devoted to questions of this sort. You may want to delete this and re ask there before you get yelled at.