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View Full Version : Street price of 25mg seroquel

2008-07-04, 19:56
Just obtained a bottle, don't ask i have my ways. So iam curious to how much one of them costs on the street.

2008-07-04, 20:10
no one really buys seroquel they just make you feel retarded i would say sell them 1 dollar a peice at the most for a 25

2008-07-04, 20:13
nah fuck that atleast like 3

2008-07-04, 20:15
no the 300 mg are 5$ at the most you arent goign to get 3 dollars for the lowest mg of the shittiest pill you can buy unless your in juniour highschool where u can sell any pill for 3 dollars and call it whatever the fuck you want

2008-07-04, 20:21
i dont know hippie i sold them for 3 and i was just curious as to what you guys would say the street price for them is.

2008-07-04, 20:29
Nobody really buys seroquel. Sorry.

2008-07-04, 20:30
well if you can sell them for 3 sell them for 3 but i will tell you they definetely are not worth it, but the point is to make as much money as u can right??? so if you got 3 for them next time tell them there taxing and there going to be 4 if theres people dumb enough to pay 3 u can get 4 or 5 out of them probably

2008-07-04, 20:43
theyre only useful for speed comedowns

just give them away

2008-07-04, 20:52
^And even then, some sort of benzo would be 100x better. Just give them away, or sell them to dumb kids.

2008-07-04, 22:00
it all depends, do you go to high school, college, or are you selling on the streets of a big city.

high school - $5 each
college - $1-5 each
big city streets - $.50 each

Piles Of Crack
2008-07-04, 22:51
If someone tried selling me Seroquel I would make THEM pay ME to take it off their hands.

2008-07-04, 23:46
Seroquel has NO recreational effects. Nobody will want that shit. And they definetly will not pay you for it. I wouldn't even take that for free.

2008-07-04, 23:49
I have horrible stories of things i've done on seroquel....with no direct recollection of what happened.