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View Full Version : DIY Bondage restraints

2007-04-02, 05:43
I posted this in DIY but figured it could get some use here as well. This was all inspired by jackketches link on how to make a noose when that kid said he was considering suicide.

Here's a guide for people who want to get into bondage but don't have the money/access for cuffs, ropes, and spreader bars.

Good posts include bed frames, 4 post beds, desk chairs (behind the back for hands and the spokes at the bottom for ankles), and chinup bars.

Get some hemp yarn or nylon rope and a sharp knife.

For any kind of cuff or shackle take a length of rope. I would use 4 feet for hand cuffs when using hemp yarn. Make a hangmans not with 5-10 turns (google it) on either end. For ankle restaints I use about 7 feet. These can be adjusted by the sub so it may or may not fit to your liking.

For fixed restraints (tying to a post or bedframe) make 1 hangmans knot and leave one end alone. Lenght is dependant on the distance between the restrained body part and the point that you want to tie onto. 10-15 turns should be used if you want to keep the sub from adjusting, as more turns causes more friction in the secured noose/knot. The other end should be hardknotted with little or no slack, depending on preference, to the post or frame. If no slack is left in the restraint, it must be cut or the hardknot undone. If a few inches of slack are left, the knot can just be pulled on while holding onto the running line under the knot.

Have fun, use a safeword, and DO NOT use this around the neck. This knot is meant to kill.

Always remember: safe, sane, and consensual.

2007-04-02, 21:49
Thanks, guy.

2007-04-02, 21:53
DIY bondage = Zipties and a black bin bag FTW!

2007-04-02, 22:18
I just remembered I have the same cuffs that police use. They don't have the fuzzy coverings, but they ARE double-locking.