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View Full Version : Inducing Erotic Dreams?

2007-07-05, 15:34
How would one go about having an erotic dream about one's significant other?

Perhaps starving oneself of sex for a period of time and thinking erotic thoughts before sleep? Herbal remedies/food? Are full-on orgasms possible/probable?


2007-07-05, 16:57
I wouldnt try that.
You can try to induce erotic dreams. But you can't control where they go or who's in them. You'll be just as likely to end up with your partners sister. Or grandmother.
Dreams are friggin strange.

2007-07-05, 17:05
I'd probably suggest practicing Lucid Dreaming. It's a technique that let's one take control of their dreams. Just about everyone's done it at some point or another, but with practice, people can do it nearly every night. I don't practice it, since I actually like my mind just showing me whatever's up there at the moment. Then again, I'm not your average sea horse.

There are a few threads in this around TotSE, and a heap of articles you can find using Google.

2007-07-05, 17:37
Why the fuck don't I dream? I can never figure it out.

2007-07-05, 17:44
You probably do dream, you just don't remember them.

Try keeping a dream journal to help you remember your dreams. Google is your friend.

2007-07-05, 19:14
Talk to a girl on the phone before you go to sleep(one u would wang) or look at porn....

I talked to this chick before i went to sleep, and i had the most fucking vividest dream like of my life about her...i felt emotions and everything in the dream....when i woke up i was like FUCK MAN

2007-07-05, 20:09
Set an alarm clock early and try and think of your dream as soon as you wake up and you might remember it.

2007-07-05, 20:11
speaking of dreaming of your relatives....

anyone had one about doing things with your brother/sister?

god, its strange.... then its awkward being around them for a few days.... Because I would NEVER do anything like that conciously.

2007-07-05, 21:09
Start masturbating before you go to bed. Just whack off for like a half an hour, starting and stopping and watch tv or something so you don't get bored.
Then go to bed. Hopefully you will have hardon since you didn't get off. I did this once and had a wet dream basically. (Which was wierd because my gf and I had had sex earlier in the day. What was funny was that I had a wet dream ON her lol. She never knew.)

2007-07-05, 22:08
Drink before you go to bed, you have a better chance of dreaming.

2007-07-05, 22:12
Forgot to mention, like depending on what you do.....lay down on after ur really tired or exausted..put on the TV and think about whoever....then if ur tired enough u should be able to relax and knock off into a half ass...then pretty vivid dream state....

2007-07-06, 05:04
No, I mean, when I sleep, I see black. It feels like 15-20 minutes then it's morning.

Get Mountain High
2007-07-06, 18:22
taking pain killers always gives me crazy dreams, sometimes erotic sometimes not.

2007-07-06, 18:40
No, I mean, when I sleep, I see black. It feels like 15-20 minutes then it's morning.
sounds normal.

2007-07-06, 18:47
Don't be dumb. Everyone dreams, you just don't remember yours.
I suggest a dream journal to record the ones you do remember, you'll gradually start remembering more and more of them.
And threadstarter, definitely look into lucid dreaming.

2007-07-06, 21:11
I've listed this website a number of times, There is a free file that you can download that will make you dream erotic dreams

2007-07-07, 01:24
Unless you are really really good with lucid dreaming, I wouldn't suggest it as a way to have erotic dreams. I slipped into a lucid state once, and even though I was in control (or perhaps because) I inevitably started thinking about sex. I walked into a room and there lying on the bed was a chick with purple hair named Penelope, who was from the roman empire or era or something like that (or so she said). Random, yes. But that dream state isn't very stable, and I was quickly awoken by a gigantic swelling in the nether regions before I had a chance to slip it in.

Needless to say, I fapped.

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2007-07-07, 06:18
Oddly enough, massive amounts of apple juice used to work for me as a kid. Obviously, I was a kid, so they weren't erotic dreams, they were nightmares. Not sure if it will work, but it did allow me to experience my dreams, rather than just have "dreamless" nights.

2007-07-07, 17:52
I've listed this website a number of times, There is a free file that you can download that will make you dream erotic dreams

I've been on a lot of goddamn weird sites, but that is one of the goddamn weirdest.

This file creates the illusion that you are in fact wearing latex briefs - when you are actually really wearing your normal underpants