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11-12-2010, 08:01 AM
Even though I"m kind of over the idea of working with P2P's they are still a favorite course of study because they are the chemicals that the man is most titillated by in his war on drugs dreams of a fridgid xanadu populated by ugly fatchix who do tricks for dogtreats and where the rastas trip out of FunDip instead of ganj. It is my opinion the man thinks the only way to phenethylamines is via ketones so it is my self issued mission to ensure the supply of possibilities for ketone sythesis stays in the form of a very long list that is administrated by hotchix with huge tits.
These are simply algorithmic proposals:

1. I almost had a dipole moment when I saw these ones
styrene + formic anhydride ------------>Ph-CH=C(=O)-CH3
-properly catalyzed and run at RT atmP one could likely CH this product to P2P, if not then P2Pol for sure followed by simple oxidation with nitric acid, molecular O2+Cu(II) and so on

styrene + formyl chloride -------> Ph-CHCl-C(=O)-CH3
I think catalytic transfer hydrogenation would be the answer here, a hydrogenolysis of the chloro group, I've got some material for a CTH thread so I"ll open discussion up for this idea in that thread. I'm sure it would also be possible here to reductively aminate this one, that chloro isn't going anywhere at atmP and T with methanolic methylamine, although it is alfa so maybe i shouldn't speak so soon, I think the ketone would take it first though, allow only quick exposure to the MA then isolate prior to hydrogenation so the excess MA can't react with the chloro even if it wanted to. I'm sure there is some selective way of removing the chloro in the literature somewhere.

2. epoxide

styrene + perbenzoic acid -------> styrene oxide

styrene oxide + methylmagnesium iodide ---->P2Pol

P2Pol + sodium dichromate -----> P2P
water,toluene, PTC
H2SO4, 500RPM
RT or less, 30min

3. benzaldehyde + ethyl Wittig reagent ----> propenyl benzene

propenyl benzene + H2O2,formic acid,acetone-----> P2P

propenyl benzene + hypobromite -----> bromohydrin (Ph-CHOH-CHBr-CH3)

hypobromite + monoethanolamine ------> phenmetrazine


bromohydrin + ammonia ----> phenylpropanolamine

4. From tert butyl alcohol

TBA + sulfuric acid ---->dehydration----> isobutene

isobutene + Br2 --------------> CH2=CHCH3-CH2Br

benzene + methylallylbromide --AlBr3---> phenylisobutene

PisoB ------O3--------> P2P

5. From 4-phenyl-1-butene

methylene group migration heat induced to become PisoB

6.phenethyl methyl ether + alkyl lithium ------> P2Pol via 1,2 shift

P2Pol +O2 (or air bubbled into methanolic solution) ---Cu(II)---> P2P

7. styrene + H2SO4------>ph-C(O-SO3)-CH3--H2O--> Ph-CHOH-CH3-->

oxidize--->acetophenone----Br2--->phenacylbromide-->sorry i was going the wrong direction on this one

phenethylalcohol --------pyridine chromate complex--->PE aldehyde

PE aldehyde + methyl amine ---methylmagiodide---> methamphetamine

8.benzyl alcohol + HCL conc ------->benzyl chloride

benzyl choride + KCN ---> phenylacetonitrile +methylmagiodide-->P2P

ethylimine + benzylmagchloride ---> methamphetamine

phenylacetonitrile + H2SO4 ----H2O--> phenylacetic acid + Pb3O4-->P2P

9.phenylethanal + diazomethane ---> P2P

10. phenylacetyl chloride + methyl zinc chloride---> p2p

11.phenylethanal + methyl bromide --alfa addition-->2-phenylpropanal--->


well at least this gives you something to feed on a little, wrote it up fast so please send any obvious corrections and I'll fix them, if any mechanistic ref's are wanted I'll add them but most of these are derived from well known procedures.