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U.S. Military Inspector Marks

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.


Small arms of the United States Army and Navy bear an initial or initials which are called inspector's marks. These marks appear on stocks, grips or metal parts. Some arms, especially older ones, have more than one inspector's initial or initials. The barrel was inspected before the rest of the arm was produced and thus there may be one inspector's mark on the barrel and another on the rest of the parts.

The Army and Navy purchased arms from commercial outlets and also contracted directly with the manufacturers. The Navy also purchased some arms from the Army. From the early days of 1831, most small arms contract inspectors were civilians or Springfield Armory employees. Officers who served as inspectors were from the Army Ordnance Department or the Navy Bureau of Ordnance. There were also sub-inspectors who had regular jobs at Springfield Armory, and small arms inspection was in addition to their regular duties. Army or Navy inspectors had control over all sub-inspectors.

The nice thing about this long list of inspectors marks is that you can double check in some or all cases the actual date of your gun. For instance, perhaps an 1817 common rifle will have an inspector that approved the guns for only one or two years. If the date on the lock of the rifle differs from the years that the inspector worked, then the lock has been changed and is not original with that gun. The same process would hold true for certain barrel markings. Of course it is always interesting to see the man's name that is stamped on your gun.

It must be noted that in some cases, these inspectors are civilian personnel. Others will be military personnel. We believe that in the case of many of these inspectors that when the length of service shows upwards of thirty to fifty years or more, that this is not necessarily the years they inspected arms but merely shows the span of their service while they were in the military units of the United States.

Armory Sub-lnspector ASI
Filing Inspector Fl
Finishing Inspector FSI
Milling Inspector MI

Initials Name, Title Period

DA Daniel Ammen, Lt., USN (Batty Peace, flask, 1850) 1836-78
EA Epaphroditus Allis Armory S-1 1815 and 1818 Springfield pistol 1818-41
ESA E. S. Allin, Armory S-l--Civil War rifle muskets. 1850-65
FBA Francis B. Austin, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1911 Cal..45 autopistol 1917
FJA Frank 1. Atwood, Lt. Col., USA--Model 1911AI Cal. .45 auto pistol by Ithaca, Union Switch and Signal and Remington Rand 1943-45
FWA F. W. Adams, Armory S-l 1904-06
GBA G. B. Allen, Armory S-l 1894-1902
GTA G. T. Allen, Armory S-l 1898
JA John Avis, ASI-I, Waters flintlock pistols 1837-38
JA J. Arnold Jr.., Armory S-l 1869-71
JA Joel Abbot, Lt., USN 1842- 55
JCA J. C. Ayers, Armory S-l 1881
JWA J. W. Alden, Armory S-l 1905-06
LCA Lucius C. Allin, Armory S-l--Colt Dragoon, Massachusetts Arms Co.--Adams, Starr revolvers 1859
OA Oliver Allen, Armory S-l--North Model 1816 pistol 1816-18
OWA 0. W. Ainsworth, Armory S-l--Smith & Wesson American 1869, Remingtons, Colt percussion and conversion revolvers 1831-70
RKA Remick K. Arnold, ASI 1862-77
SA S. Adams, ASI 1860
TA Thomas Annely, Armory S-l--Muskets and pistol barrels 1797

AB A. Buckminster, ASI, Sample carbines 1860
ABB A. B. Blackington, Armory S-l--Starr and Colt Model 1860 revolvers 1860-62
AGB A. G. Bennett, ASI, Rem. Navy revolvers, Ward-Burton rifles 1868-79
AJB A. 1. Bristol, ASI, Rem. Navy revolvers, Sharps trial carbines 1870-79
AJB Aldeige 1. Besette, Armory S-l--Colts 1940
CAB Charles A. Brand, Lt., USN--Smith & Wesson cal..38 revolvers. Winchester Lee Rifles 1899-1901
CB Cyrus Buckland, Armory S-l 1841
CB Charles Boarman, Capt. USN (Batty Peace flask). 1847
CEB C. E. Buckland, ASI 1859
CLB C. L. Barlett, Armory S-l 1904-10
CMB C. M. Boyington, Armory S-l 1901-10
CRB C. R. Bunker, Armory S-l 1875
CWB C. W. Bacon, Armory S-l 1875
EB Edmund Byrne, Lt., USN 1814-50 EB Elizur Bates, Armory S-l--Waters Model 1836 pistol 1841-46
EB Edward Barrett, Cdr., USN (Rem. M1867 bbl) 1871
EBB E. B. Boutwell, Cdr., USN (Batty Peace flask, 1848) 1828-50
EBB Edgar B. Boyd, ASI 1862
ECB Edmund C. Bailey, ASI 1862
ELB E. L. Bolles, Armory S-l 1902
EWB E. W. Blake, Armory S-l 1818
EWB E. W. Bruce, Armory S-l 1875
FB Frank Baker, Maj., USA--Colt Model 1909 cal. .45 revolver 1909-17
FRB F. R. Bull, ASI, Sample arms 1860
GFB Geo. F. Bowen, ASI 1878
GGB Geo. G. Bowe, ASI, Stocks 1862-63
GTB George T. Balch, Capt., USA--Colt and Savage revolvers 1861-62
HBB Hanson B. Bullock, ASI 1862
HMB H. M. Brooks, Armory S-l--Colt revolvers 1902-06
HRB Howard R. Booth, Armory S-l--Colts 1940
IB Isack Bartlett, Armory S-l--Forged lock plates 1808
JAB Jlohn A. Bell, Lt., USN--Colt Model 1895 and Model 1902, and Smith & Wesson Model 1902 revolvers 1902-03
JAB John A. Brooks, Jr.., Lt. Col., USA--Colts 1940
JAJB James A. J. Bradford, Capt. USA--Hall carbines 1833-35
JB James Bell, Armory S-l 1827
JCB John C. Beaumont, Lt., USN--1. N. Johnson Pistol 1854-55
JCB Joseph C. Bragg, Armory S-l--R. Johnson, Waters, Ames, pistols. Colt Dragoon revolvers 1842-49
JGB J. G. Benton, Lt. Col., USA 1866-81
JGB John G. Butler, Capt., USA--Colts 1886
JJB John J. Breen, Capt., USA--Colts 1936-37
JKB J. K. Burbank,, Armory S-l 1901-10
JNB J. N. Boyer, Armory S-l 1905-06
JOB J. 0. Bush, Armory S-l--Barrel inspector 1864
JSB J. S. Burns, Armory S-l 1898-1910
JTB James T. Baden, Lt. USA--Remington, Starr, Whitney, and Savage revolvers 1862-64
LAB Lester A. Beardslee, Lt. Cmdr.., USN--Starr revolvers 1850-98
LCB L. C. Brown, ASI 1874
MPB M. P. Benjamin, Armory S-l 1899-1910
NB Nehemiah Baden, Lt. USA--Navy Model 1816 pistol 1813-20
NLB N. L. Benoit, Armory S-l 1900-04
PB Pomeroy Booth, ASI 1862
PB Peter Barrett, USN gunner--Colt Model 1860 and 1861 revolvers 1862-71
PHMB P. H. M. Brooks, Armory S-l 1909-10
PMB Paul M. Buzby, Lt., USA--Remington Model 1911 cal. .45 semi-automatic pistol 1917
RB Robert Beals, Armory S-l--Colts 1862
RB Rogers Birnie, Jr., Lt., USA 1879-80
RB Robert Blanchard, Armory S-l--North Hall carbines 1831
RHB R. H. Bailey, ASI, Cadet M1869 Rem. rifles, Sharps trail carbines 1870-85
RLB R. L. Buckland, ASI, Sample arms 1860
RLB Rufus L. Baker, Capt., USA 1818-20
RPB Robert P. Barry, Capt., USA--Remington, Starr, and Rogers & Spencer revolvers 1860-65
RPB Robert P. Beales, ASI 1862-79
SB Samuel Barron, Lt., USN 1812-61
SEB Stanhope English Blunt, Capt., USA--Colt Revolvers 1889-90
SEB S. E. Bugbee, Armory S-l 1901-10
SHB S. H. Broughton, Armory S-l 1899-1910
SPB Samuel P. Baird, Lt., USN--Starr, Whitney revolvers 1861-73
STB Samuel T. Bugbee, Armory S-l--Starr revolvers 1862
TAB Theodore A. Belknap, ASI 1862
TWB T. W. Booth, Armory S-l--Sharps 1861-65
VLB V. L. Bennett, Armory S-l 1875
WB William Blanchard, Armory S-l 1831
WAB W. A. Benjamin, Armory S-l 1898
WAB William A. Borden, Lt. Col., USA Colts 1936-39
WB Waldemar Broberg, Col., USA--Colts 1941
WAB W. A. Bennet, Armory S-l 1898
WB Wm. Bradbury, ASI 1860
WB Wm. Brown, ASI 1862
WEB W. E. Benjamin, Armory S-l 1898
WEB W. E. Boynton, Armory S-l 1902-10
WFB W. F. Bradbury, Armory S-l 1898-1902
WHB W. H. Brundrett, Armory S-l 1898-1900
WHB Wm. H. Bulkley, ASI 1862
WHB William J. Bowers, Armory S-l--Colts 1938
WLB William L. Bell, Lt., USA--Colts 1937
WLB William L. Borden, Armory S-l 1844-54
WLB Wm. L. Bates, ASI, Rem. Navy Revolvers 1870-79
WWB W. W. Bartlett, Armory S-l 1899-1904
ZB Zadock Butt, ASI 1862

C Cloue, Armory S-l 1844-54
AC Alexander Cameron, Armory S-l--Colts 1940
AFC A. F. Cameron, Armory S-l 1875
AHC Archibald H. Ceiley, ASI 1862-63
AHC A. H. Clark, ASI, F1-2, Springfield M1868 rifles 1859-79
AMC A. M. Cooley, Armory S-l 1901-10
APC A. P. Casey, Armory S-l--Smith & Wesson Schofield Cal..45 rev. 1875-77
APC A . P. Casey, ASI, Army & Navy perc. double-action revolvers 1859-61
APC A. P. Cobb, ASI 1874
CBC Calvin B. Cross, ASI 1862-63
CGC Chas. G. Curtis, ASI 1862-63
CGC Charles G. Chapman--Henry Rifles 1863-64
CGC C. G. Chandler, Armory S-l--Remington Beals .36 and .44, Remington Model 1861 .36 and .44, Pettingill, and Colt Dragoon revolvers 1861-63
CSC Chas. S. Cotton, Lt., USN 1858-77
DC Daniel Cotton, Armory S-l--Lockmaker 1798
DFC David F. Clark, Armory S-l--Hotchkiss rifle. Colt, Starr, Remington, and Savage revolvers, Remington Lee Army Test Rifles 1861-86
EEC E. E. Chapman, Maj., USA--Remington Model 1911 cal. .45 semi-automatic pistol 1918-19
EKC E. K. Colton, ASI 1860-64
EMC E. M. Camp, ASI--Colt Model 1860 cal..44 percussion revolver 1860-63
EWC E. W. Clarke, Armory S-1 1875
EWC E. W. Clarke, ASI 1870-79
FC Francis Camp, ASI 1859-61
FC F. Chillingworth, Armory S-l 1875
FMC F. M. Chapin, Armory S-l 1898
FTC Frank T. Cleveland, Armory S-l Colt Mod. 1873 S.A. Cal.45 revolver 1875
GC Geo. Curtis, ASI 1861
GBC G. B. Cruzen, ASI Rem. 1861 New Model revolver 1861
GEC Geo. E. Chamberlain, ASI 1862-79
GKC George K. Charter, Armory S-l--Starr revolvers 1861
GMC George M. Colvocoresses, Cdr., USN--Whitney revolvers 1849-67
GWC George W. Chapin, Armory S-l--Starr revolvers 1862
HBC H. B. Cooley, ASI, S1-3 1862-63
HKC Henry Knox Craig, Maj., USA--Waters Model 1836 pistols 1837-38
JBC J. B. Craig, Armory S-l 1896-1902
JBC J. B. Cooley, Armory S-l 1898
JC Jas. Chattaway, ASI, Sample arms 1862-63
JC J. Clancy Armory S-l 1905-07
JC James Carrington, Armory S-l--Whitney, Blake, and Starr muskets 1803-30
JEC J. E. Cummings, ASI, M1-4 1862-63
JEC J. E. Craig, Armory S-l 1898-1906
JEC Joseph Edgar Craig, Ll., USN 1861-99
JEC J. E. Connolly, Armory S-l 1902
JFC J. F. Coyle, Armory S-l 1907
JFEC J. F. E. Chamberlain, Armory S-l--Smith & Wesson Schofield cal...45 revolvers 1875
JHC J. H. Cooper, ASI, Rem. M1868, Cadet M1869 rifles, Rem. Navy revolvers 1870-79
JJC John J. Cornwell, Cdr., USN 1847-67
JJC John J. Callahan, Armory S-l--Colts 1940
JKC John K. Christmas, Lt. Col., USA--Single Model 1911A1 cal. 45 semi-automatic pistol 1942
JLC Jos. L. Cottle, ASI, Colt .45 M1873 revolvers 1863-75
JMC J. M. Crighton, Armory S-l 18941910
JMBC J. M. B. Clitz, Capt., USN--Remington 1867 barrels 1870
JPC James P. Chapman, Armory S-l--Ames Model 1843 pistols 1848
JSC J. S. Cooley, Armory S-l 1898
JSC J. S. Cahuncey, Cdr., USN 1812-69
JTC John T. Cleveland, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1873 S. A. cal. .45 Smith & Wesson, and Savage Revolvers 1856-77
LBC Luke B. Chase, USN (Batty Peace flask, 1849) 1861-62
LC Lyman Converse, Armory S-l--Spencer rifles 1863
MMC M. M. Custer, Armory S-l 1906-10
MWC M. W. Carr, ASI 1862-63
PCC P. Chapman, Civilian USN 1844
PC Pierce Crosby, Cdr., USN--Norfolk Navy Yard brass trigger guards on Remington Model 1866 cal. . 50 pistol 1838-83
PTC Patrick Thos. Cunningham, Lt., USN 1863-72
RAC Rinaldo A. Carr, Armory S-l--Colt cal. .38 and .45 revolvers and semi-automatic pistols 1889-1909
RBC R. B. Chamberlain Armory S-l 1906
RC Rufus Chandler, Armory S-l--Ames Model 1843 pistol in 1845 & Ames 1841 cutlass 1843-45
RC Robert Corbit, Armory S-l--Lock filer 1798
RC Russel Curtis, Armory S-l--1815 and 1818 Springfield pistol stocks 1818
RWC R. W. Chandler, Armory S-l--Smith & Wesson and Colts revolvers 1917
RZC R. Z. Crane, Capt., USA--Colts 1935
SC Silas Crispin, Capt., USA--Remington Model 1861 revolvers 1862
TLC T. L. Childs, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1911 cal. .45 auto pistol 1917
WC William Cadwell, Armory S-l--Remington Beals cal. .44 percussion revolver 1860-61
WC Wm. Chapman, ASI, Purchased arms and parts. . 1860-64
WGC W. G. Chamberlain, ASI 1859-75
WHC Wm. H. Carver, ASI 1862-63
WHC Wm. H. Chandler, ASI 1862-63
WHC W. H. Clayton, Armory S-l--Colts 1898-1901
WJC W. J. Clark, Armory S-l 1898
WLC W. L. Crowl, Armory S-l 1898-1902

--D-- ACD A. C. Dieffenbach, EnsiBn, USN--Remington rifles 1893-1894 CD C. Davis, Armory S-l 1905-06 CD C. Drommer, Armory S-l 1898-1910 DD Daniel Dunsmore, USN gunner--Remington Revolvers 1861-68 CFD Charles F. Dupee, Armory S-l--Colts 1937-38 DJD D. J. Davis, Armory S-l 1904-06 EFD E. F. Dunbar, Armory S-l 1875 EHD Elbert H. Dewey, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1911 cal. .45 semi-automatic pistol 1917 EMD Edward M. Dustin, ASI, Burnside carbines 1862-63 GD G. Dillingham, Armory S-l 1875 GD G. During, Armory S-l 1898-1910 GHD Guy H. Drewry, Lt. Col., USA--Smith & Wesson cal. .38 revolvers and Colt cal. .45, .38, and .22 revolvers and semi-autos 1930-57 GHD Geo. H. Dupee, ASI 1862-63 HD H. Dana, ASI, Ml 1862-63 HHD H. H. Denny, Armory S-l 1898 J D Joseph Dale, Armory S-l-1815 and 1818 Springfield pistol lock maker 1815-1818 JD J. Dowlar, Armory S-l--Stocks and barrels 1811 JHD J. H. Doyle, Armory S-l 1894 JLD J. L. Doppman, Jr., Armory S-l--Colts 1936 JRD J. R. Dearborn, Armory S-l 1894&1901-06

-F- RJF Russel J. Fournier Armory S-l--Colts 1937 TJF T. J. Fitzpatrick, Armory S-l 1898 WCF W. C. Fielding, Armory S-l 1898-1907 WF Wm. Foster, ASI, Parts of arms 1863 WFF W. F. Fennyery, Armory S-l 1904-06 WMF William M. Folger, Lt., Cdr., USN--Holchkiss rifles, Lee and Remington Lee Navy rifle 1861-98

-G- ASG Albert S. Granger, ASI, FS1-6 1862 CG Calvin Gay, Armory S-l--Evans and J. J. Henry, Boulton pistols 1818-31 CNG Chas. N. Goodrich, ASI, FSI 1862-63 EAG E. A. Gowrie, Armory S-l 1902-09 EAG E. A. Graves, Armory S-l 1894-1902 GDG Gilbert D. Greason, ASI 1862 GFG G. F. Gray, Armory S-l 1904-06 GG Guert Gansevoort, Cdr., USN--(Aston Õ42 pistol, Ames 1860-61, cutlass. Colt revolvers, 1865 Dahlgren bayonets, Navy Off. sword, S&H carbines, Rem. NM & Whitney rev.Õs, Savage revolvers.) GHG Geo. H. Graham. ASI 1862 GHG G. R. Goring, Armory S-l 1908-10 HGG H. G. Gould, Armory S-l 1898 JAG James A. Greer, Lt., USN (Colts? Whitneys?) 1848 JEG John E. Greer, Capt., USA--Colt and Whitney revolvers 1876-83 lG John Garvin, Lt., USN (Colt revolvers) 1865-74 JHG John H. Griffith, Civilian USN--Colt and Whitney revolvers 1862 JMG J. M. Givert, Lt. Col., USA--Colt revolvers and Model 1911 cal..45 semi-automatic pistols 1917-18 JRG J. R. Graham, Armory S-l 1875 JRG John R. Goldsborough, Capt., USN--Whitney, Colt, Savage 1864-65 LG Lewis Ghriskey, Armory S-l--Stocks and barrels 1811 LGG L. G. Gilmore, Armory S-l 1896-1904 OBG 0. B. Graham, Armory S-l 1875 PG Peter Getz, Armory S-l 1803&06-08 SGG Samuel G. Green, Lt. Col., USA--Colts 1939 SLG Sidney L. Gibson, Lt., USA--Hi-Standard cal. .22 auto pistols 1941 WG W. Ganeard, Armory Spl--Colt cal. .38 revolvers 1901-02 WFG William F. Gallagher, Capt., USA--Colts 1940 WHG W. H. Greene, Armory S-l 1901-02 WTG Walter T. Gorton, Maj., USA--Colts 1924-26&38

--H-- AH Asabel Hubbard, Armory S-l--Barrels and stocks, Whitney and Starr muskets, and North and Johnson pistols 1813-47 AAH Andrew A. Harwood, Cdr., USN (Ames Peace flask, Õ64) 1818-64 AJH A. J. Hall, Armory S-l 1904 ALH A. L. Hallstrom, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1911 cal. .45 semi-automatic pistols and Smith & Wesson revolvers 1916-17 AWH A. W. Hatch, Armory S-l 1903 BH Benjamin Hannis, Armory S-l--Allen & Wheelock, Colt Model 1860, Remington Savage ÒFigure 8,Ó and Starr revolvers 1861 BH Benjamin Huger, Maj., USA 1854-58 CCH C. C. Hubbard, Armory S-l 1906 CHH C. H. Hunt, Armory S-l 1864 CGH Charles G. Howe, Lt., USA--Colts 1917 CPH Chas. P. Hill, ASI 1874 CWH C. W. Hartwell, Armory S-l 1831-1850 EH Ethan Hancock, Armory S-l 1918

-J- HBJ H. B. Johnson, Armory S-l--Remington Beals Navy revolver 1862 HDJ Henry D. Jennings, ASI 1862-63 JDJ J. D. Johnson, Armory S-l--U.S. Model 1819 North pistol barrels 1819-22 JNJ John N. Jordan, Lt., USN--Lee 6 mm. Navy rifles, inspected 2nd Navy order of 5,000 Winchesler Lee M1895 rifles in the 15,001 to 20,000 range 1891-98 MMJ Martin M. Johnson, ASI 1862-63 Rl Robert Johnson, Armory S-l 1822-26 RSJ Robert S. Johnson, Armory S-l--Colts 1940 SJ Seth Janes, Armory S-l Pomeroy muskets 1818-24 TMJ Thomas M. Jervey, Maj., USA--Colts 1937-38 WNJ W. N. Jeffers, USN., Navy M Õ61 Coston Signal pistols 1840-78

-K- ADK A. D. King, Armory S-l--Colt Third Model Dragoon, Colt Model 1851, and Colt Model 1861 revolvers and Starr revolvers 1850-65 AHK Albert H. Kirkham, ASI 1862-63 ALK Albert L. Koones, USN (Batty Peace flask Õ56) 1862-65 DMK David M. King, Lt., USA--Colts 1898-1905 EAK E. A. Kingsbury, Armory S-l 1904-06 EJK E. J. Kernan, Armory S-l 1909-10 FK Frank Krack, Rock Island Insp. Renumbered, mutilated Colt Model 1911 and 191 IAI cal. .45 semi-automatic pistols 1940 FMK F. M. Kelsey, Armory S-l 1904-06 HK H. Kane, Armory S-l 1902 HK Henry Kirk, ASI 1862-63 HWK Herbert W. Kerr, Armory S-l--Colts 1910 JK J. Kimball, Armory S-l 1875 JBK John B. Kirkhan, Armory S-l--Locks 1823-41 JWK John W. Kelly, Lt., USN--Remington cal. .44 and Starr cal..44 revolvers 1853-64 JWK John W. Keene, ASI 1862-63 Ll.K L. L. Kuralt, Armory S-l 1905-10 MTK Marian T. Krepps, ASI 1862-63 PK P. Kellar, Armory S-l 1904-06 PJK P. J. Kiley, Armory S-l 1901-06 SEK S. Knows, Armory S-l--Aston pistols and Colt Dragoons 1846-52 SK Samuel Keeler, Armory S-l--Colt First Model Dragoon 1848 WWK W. W. Kimball, Lt., USN--Remington Lee rifles and Colt cal. .38 revolvers. Lee and Remington Lee Navy

- L- L Laley, Armory S-l 1844-54 AL A. Lavigne, Armory S-l 1894-1909 AHGL A. H. G. Lewis, Armory S-l 1906 BL Bcnjamin Lamphera, Armory S-l--Filed Locks 1798 BL B. Lyon, Armory S-l 1875 BBL B. B. Lombard, Armory S-l 1898 BFL B. F. Laugharan, Armory S-l 1906 CFL C. F. Lewis, ASI, S-1 1863 CPL C. P. Lynn, Armory S-l 1906 CSL Charles S. Lowell, Maj., USA--Starr D. A. cal. .44 revolver and Colt Model 1860 cal. .44 revolver 1858-61 CSL C. S. Leonard, Armory S-l 1875 DL D. LeGro, Armory S-l 1826-31 DAL David A. Lyle, Lt., USA--Colt Model 1873 S. A. cal.45 revolvers, Whitney revolvers, and Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers 1876-80 EML L. M Lowering, Armory S-l 1909 FSL F. S. Leonard, Armory S-l 1899-1902 GAL Geo. A. Lawrence, ASI, Stocks 1862-63 GDL George D. Little, Ens., USN--Colt Model 1860 cal. revolvers 1862-65

-M- KM Kenneth Morton, Maj., USA--Colt Model 1906 cal. .45 auto pistol 1907-08 KSM Kelly S. Morse, Armory S-l--Winchester Model 1895 rifles, Smith & Wesson Model 1899 cal. .38 revolvers and Colt Model 1911 cal. .45 semi-automatic pistols 1893-1915 LJM L. J. Megette, Armory S-l 1898 LM L. Menz, Armory, S-l 1907 MM M. Moulton, Armory S-l--Savage & Colt Mod. 1851 cal..36 revolvers 1861 MLM Moses L. Morse, Armory S-l 1822-24 MRM M. R. Marsh, Armory S-l--Colt cal. .38 revolvers 1898 MWM M. W. Morley, ASI, purchased arms 1862 RM R. Matthews, Armory S-l 1906 RWM Robert W. McNeely, Armory S-l 1890 RWM Richard W. Meade, Cdr., USN--Colt Model 1851 and Model 1861 converted revolvers 1850-95 SM Samuel Marcy, Lt., USN 1838-62 SM Stillman Moore, Armory S-l--Aston pistols 1846-52 TPM T. P. Maroney, Armory S-l 1898 WM William Maynadier, Lt. Col., USA 1838-63 WHM W. H. Morlen, Armory S-l 1898-1902 WMM W. M. Mills, Armory S-l 1894

--N-- AHN A. H. North, ASI 1862 FSN F. S. North, ASI 1862-63 HN Henry Nettleton, Armory S-l--Lee, Hotchkiss rifles, and Remington, Smith & Wesson, and Colt Model 1873 cal..45 revolvers 1876-80 JN John Newbury, Armory S-l--R. Johnson, Starr, North, Springfield, and Pomeroy 1818-26 JN John Nicholson, Sr., Armory S-l--Musket barrels 1797-98 JN John Nicholson, Jr., Armory S-l 1799-1807 JN John Norman, Armory S-l 1830 LN L. Newell, ASI, Sharp rifles. Springfield rifles, bayonets, swords 1876-85 UN Urban Niblo, Lt., USA--Colt cal. .38 revolvers 1928 WN Walter Navy, Armory S-l--Aston pistols and Colt Model 1851 cal..36 revolvers 1831-52 WN Walter North, ASI 1859-63 WDN William D. Nicholson, USN--Remington Model 1866 pistols 1862-7 1

-O- HO Herbert OÕLeary, Maj., USA--Colts 1926-29 JO J. OÕMalley, Armory S-l 1896-1902 JPO James P. Oeller, Lt., USN--J. J. Henry Boulton pistols, Batty Peace flasks 1813-49 JPO J. P. OÕNeil, Armory S-l 1904-10 NO Noble Orr, Armory S-l--North & Cheney pistols & Whitney muskets 1798-1802 RO Robert Orr, Armory S-l--North & Cheney pistols & Whitney muskets 1798-1808 WCO Warren C. Odell, Armory S-l--Colts 1939 WJO W. J. Ober, Armory S-l 1904-06

-P- ACP A. C. Perrin, Capt., USA--Colts 1935 AGP Anson G. Perkins, ASI, F1-2n 1859-62&63 CP Charles Packard, Armory S-l--1818 Springfield pistols 1818 CHP C. H. Parker, Armory S-l 1902 DP Daniel Pettibone, Armory S-l--Evans, Henry, and Miles muskets, Henry, Fry, and Shuler pistols, Henry rifles, and Rose & Sons swords 1808-09 DAP Dwight A. Perkins, ASI 1862 EBP E. B. Peck, Armory S-l--Colts 1898-1902 & 1909-13 ECP Edward C. Perry, Armor) S-l--Colts 1937-40 EHP E. H. Pearson, Armory S-l 1898 EHP Edwin H. Perry, ASI 1862

-R- IR 1. Randall, Armory S-1 1904-06 JR 1. Reid, Armory S-l 1904 JR James Rockwell, Jr., Lt., USA--Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers 1874-76 IFR J. F. Riley, Armory S-l 1898-1910 JWR Jamcs W. Reilly, Maj., USA--Remington cal. .44 cartridge revolver 1859-95 JWR James W. Ripley, Gen., USA 1832-60 MER Mark E. Reynolds, Armory S-l--Colts 1937 SCR S. C. Rowan, Cdr., USN--Colt 1851 conversions. 1826-89 THR T. H. Rogers, Armory S-l 1896&1901-04 TWR Thos. W. Russell, ASI 1862 WHR Wm. H. Russell, ASI 1862-63 WR William Richardson, Armory S-l 1808 WR William Russell, Armory S-l 1808 WHR William H. Roberts, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1860 cal..44 revolvers 1863

-S- S Shaeffer, Armory S-l 1844-54 BS B. Syrett, Armory S-l 1898 CES Charles E. Sherman, Armory S-l 1842-47 CES Clarence E. Simpson, Armory S-l--Colts 1939 CRS Curtis R. Stickney, Armory S-l--Remington Model 1871 pistols and Sharps and Springfield rifles 1871 CS Clark Swallow, ASI 1862 CWS C. W. Snook, Armory S-l--Colts 1876 DPS Daniel P. Strong, ASI 1862 ES Elisha Shaw, Armory S-l--Forged springs 1796 EJS E. 1. Schoch, Armory S-l 1904-06 FHS Frank H. Schofield, Lt., USN--Smith & Wesson and Colt Model 1895 cal..38 revolvers 1897-1901 FSS Frederic S. Strong, ASI 1862 FWS F. W. Sanderson, ASI, Stocks, Rem. trial arms 1862-79 GAS G. A. Spooner, Armory S-l 1899-1910 GCS G. C. Schnell, Armory S-l 1905 GDS G. D. Shattuck, Armory S-l--Colt revolvers 1855-60 GES Geo. E. Saunders, ASI 1862 GGS G. G. Saunders, Armory S-l--Colt Dragoon revolvers 1856 GHS Gustavus H. Scott, Cdr., USN--Colt Model 1860 cal. .44 revolvers 1828-73 GHS Gilbert H. Stewart, Col., USA--Smith & Wesson and Colt revolvers and Model 191 IAI cal. .45 semi- automatic pistols 1918-19&1938-40 GWS G. W. Sword, Armory S-l--Colt Dragoon revolvers 1856 GWS G. W. Smith, Armory S-l--Colt Dragoon revolvers 1857 GWS G. W. Sherman, Armory S-l--Colt Dragoon revolvers 1858-60 GWS G. W. Schuman, Armory S-l--Colt Dragoon revolvers 1858-60 HS H. Saunders. Armory S-l 1875 HS Harrison Shaler, Lt. Col., USA--Remington Rand cal . . 45 Model 1911 A1 semi-automatic pistols 1945 HS H. Stephens, Lt., USA--Starr swords 1816 HS Howard Stockton, Lt., USA 1868 HS H. Syrett, Armory S-l 1904-06 HS Horace Scott, ASI 1878-85 HS Harris Smith, ASI FShl-8 1862-79 ICS John C. Sharpe. Lt., USN 1825-40 JCS John C. Stebbins, Armory S-l--North-Hall carbines, Waters pistols, and Derringer rifles for Navy 1834-41 JCS John C. Symmes, Capt., USA 1847-61 JFS J. F. Sullivan, Armory S-l 1898-1908 JLS J. L. Sticht, Lt., USN--Smith & Wesson and Colt Model 1895 cal..38 revolvers 1895-1904 JLS J. L. Strong, Armory S-l 1896-1902 JNS J. N. Sollace, Armory S-l 1831-1850 JS Jacob Shough, Armory S-l--Henry, Fry, and Guest pistols, and Henry rifles and pistols 1809-11 JS Josiah Snell, Armory S-l--North & Cheney pistols 1800-01 JS Joseph Smith, Capt., USN 1809-37 JS John Stebbins, Armory S-l 1819-35 IS James Stillman, Armory S-l 1831-50 JS James Stubblefield, Armory S-l--Harpers Ferry pistols of 1807 and 1808, and Harpers Ferry rifles and muskets 1807-21 JS John Symington, Col., USA Model 1855 Springfield rifle-muskets 1832-63 JS John Stahl, ASI, P1-9 1868 LAS Laurence A. Stone, Lt., USA--Colts 1940 LS LutherSage,ArmoryS-I--NorthModel 1813, 1816, and 1819 pistols, R. Johnson, Water, Whitney, Pomeroy, and Starr Muskets, and 1815 and 1818 Springfield pistols 1813-36 MS Maurice Sherman, Armory S-l--Colts 1940 OS Oliver Sexton, Armory S-l 1841 PTS P. T. Safford, ASI 1874 RS Robert Sears, Col., USA--Colt Model 1911AI cal. .45 semi-automatic pistols and Colt Ace cal. .22 Service Model semi-automatic pistols 1940-45 RS Richard Smith, Lt. Col., USMC 1806-30 RNS R. N. Stannard, Armory S-l 1906 RTS R. T. Safford, ASI 1862-85 SPS Sidney P. Spaulding, Lt. Col., USA--Colts 1940 THS Thomas H. Stevens, Lt., USN--Starr cutlasses 1816 TJS T. J. Smith, Col., USA--Colts 1935-37 TJS T. J. Stevenson, ASI, Enfield rilfes 1870-79 TS Thomas Stuart, Capt., USA 1813 TS Thomas Sangster, Capt., USA 1812 TS Thomas Stockton, Capt., USA 1812-25 TS Townsend Sith, Capt., USA 1810 UPS Urial P. Strong, ASI 1862 WS William Smith, Armory S-l--Evans barrels and bayonets 1828-41 WS W. Syrett, Armory S-l 1904-06 W8S William B. Shubrick, Capt., USN (Successor to T.A.C. Jones 1835) 1806-61 WES W. E. Strong, Armory S-l--Colt model 1911 cal. .45 auto pistols 1916 WHS W. H. Soderholm, Maj., USA--Colts 1936 WRS W. R. Shipley, Armory S-l 1898 WWS W. W. Street, ASI 1874-75

ACT A. C. Trego, Capt., USA--Smith & Wesson cal.45 revolvers & clips 1918
AHT Albert H. Thompson, ASI 1862
DAT D. A. Turner, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1911 cal. .45 auto pistols 1914-15
DMT Daniel M. Taylor, Capt., USA--Colt cal. .38 revolvers 1892
DT Daniel Tyler, Lt., USA--Starr muskets 1831-50
DWT D. Waldo Tyler, ASI 1862
EMT E. M. Tinkham, Armory S-l 1898-1906
ET Elisha Tobey, Armory S-l--North Model 1816 Navy, 1819, & 1826
Navy pistols, 1818 Springfield pistols, 1816-21 & R. Johnson Starr, & Waters muskets & Starr 1823-24 M 1826 cutlasses 1826-30
ET Edwin Tyler, Armory S-l 1813-19
FHT Feno H. Trawt, Lt., USA--Hi-Standard cal. .22 semi-automatic pistols 1941-42
GFT Geo. F. Tucker, ASI 1862
GT George Talcott, Lt., USA 1836-38
HT H. Tracy, Armory S-l 1831-50
JBT J. B. Tyler, Armory S-l 1894 &1899-10
JT Joseph Tarbell, Capt ., USN 1798-1815
JT Josiah Tatnal, Capt., USA-Massachusetts Arms Co., Adams revolvers 1858
JT John Taylor, Armory S-l--Colt Model 1860 cal. .44 revolvers, and Starr cal. .36 revolvers, and Savage cal.36 revolvers 1861-62
JT Jerome Towne, AS1 1862-63
JTT John T. Thompson, Capt., USA--Colt Model 1900 cal. .38 semi-automatic pistols, Colt Model cal. .454 revolvers, and Smith & Wesson cal. .38 Army revolvers 1902 NCT Nathan C. Twining, Lt, USN--Colt Model 1895 cal. .38
Navy revolver. Winchester Lee 6mm. Navy rifles. Inspected 1st Navy order of 10,000 Winchester Lee M 1895 1885-97
OAT 0. A. Thornton, Armory S-l 1907-10
PAT P. A. Teahan, Armory S-l 1907-10
SLT S. L. Tuttle, Armory S-l 1894
WAT William Anderson Thornton, Capt., USA--Nippes Model 1840 musket, Ames, Aston R. Johnson, and Waters pistols, and Massachusetts Arms--Adams, Remington Beals, Savage, Colt Paterson, Walker, and Dragoon revolvers 1840-61
WPT Wm. P. Taylor, ASI, Sl 1862-64
WT W illiam Taggart, Civilian, USN--Ames Navy flask 1838-60
WT William Turnbull, Armory S-l 1843-51

CFU C. F. Ulrich, USN gunner-Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers 1905

CJV C. J. Van Amburgh, Armory S-l--Colt machine guns 1912
CV C. Valentine, Armory S-l 1898-1905
HEV Henry E. Valentine, ASI 1862
PV P. Valentine, ASI, Purchased arms 1862
TB Thos. Valentine, ASI 1863

- W -

AAW A. A. White, Armory S-l 1905-06
ALW A. L. Woodworth, Armory S-l--Colt cal. .38 revolvers 1905-28
ARW Abraham R. Woolley, Capt. USA--Muskets 1813
BRW B. R. Whitcomb, Armory S-l 1899
CAW C. A. White, Armory S-l 1904-05
CEW Chas. E. Wilson, ASI 1862
CHW C. H. Wicker, Armory S-l 1904
CW Charles Woodman, Armory S-l--Smith & Wesson Schofield cal..45 revolvers 1876-77
CW Charles Williams, Armory S-l--Harpers Ferry and North pistols, Starr swords, and contract muskets 1807-14
DW Decius Wadsworth, Col., USA 1802-21
EAW E. A. Williams Armory S-l--Spencers 1875
ECW E. C. Wheeler, ASI, FSI,--Springfield rifles, Rem. Navy revolvers, Ward-Burton rifles, Spencer rifles 1862-82
ELW E. L. Wunder, USN--Colts 1903
ELW Edson L. Wood, Armory S-l Colts 1940
FCW Frank C. Warner, Civilian, USN--Remington Model 1866 pistols, 1867-69Plymouth rifles, Whitney revolver 1863-64
FEW F. E. Willson, Armory S-l 1901-06
FEW F. E. Wyman, Armory S-l--Colts 1909
GAW George A. Woody, Lt. Col., USA--Colts 1929-32&41-42
GAW George A. White, Armory S-l 1875
GEW G. E. Worden, Armory S-l 1905-06
GLW G. L. Wotykns, Capt., USA--Colts 1926
GTW G. T. Weaver, Armory S-l 1894&98-99
GW George Wells, Lt., USN Aston Õ42 pistol 1833-62
GW George Wright, Armory S-l--Aston Õ42 pistol barrels 1850-52
GWW George W. Wassmer, Armory S-l--Colts 1939
HCW H. C. Washburn, Armory S-l 1904-06
HDW H. D. White, Armory S-l 1899
HEW H. E. Wallenberg, Armory S-l 1906
HW Henry Walke, Com., USN--Remington Model 1866 pistols 1827-71
HWW Henry W. Wilcos, ASI 1862
JAW J. A. Wood, Armory S-l 1875
JAW J. A. Woodward, Armory S-l 1906
JGW J G UÕoodbury, Armory S-l 1904
JHW J. H. Wowarth, Armory S-l 1898
JW Joseph Weatherhead, Armory S-l--North Model 1819 1821-22 pistols, and Starr, Waters, R. Johnson, and Pomeroy 1825, muskets and rifles 1829
JW John Williamson, Capt., USA 1838-49
JW John Wilder, ASI, Pl, Enfield, Sharps, Spencer rifles 1868
JPW Jos. P. Wells, ASI, Ml 1863
LW Leicester Wheeler, Armory S-l 1818
MTW Marine T. Wickham, Armory S-l--Evans muskets and North pistols 1811-15
MW M. Witkop, Armory S-l 1909
NW Nathaniel Whiting, ASI 1862
RCW Russel C. Wilson, Armory S-l--Hi-Standard cal. .22 auto pistols 1941
RHKW Robert Henry Kirkwood Whilely, Capn. USA-Aston Navy pistols, Colt Dragoon and Model 1851 revolvers, Starr, and Savage revolvers and Sharp carbines, Batty Peace flask 1838-75
SLW Samuel L. UÕorsley, ASI, FSI 1862-63
TW Thomas Warner, Armory S-l--R. Johnson pistols 1833-37
WAW W. A. Walker, Jr., Armory S-l 1905-06
WBW William B. Whittelsey, Lt., USN Winchester Lee 6mm Navy rifles. Inspected a few Winchesler Lee M1895 rifles in the 10,800 plus range at the onset of the Spanish American War 1898
WCW ? (Initials on S&H carbine) ??
WDW W. D. Whiting, USN., (Rem. M1867 pistol bbls.) 1841-78
WFW W. F. Armory S-l 1905-06
WSW Wm. S. Wood, ASI, FSI 1862-63
WW William Walters, Armory S-l--Remington Model 1861 cal. .44 revolvers and Pettingill. cal. .44 revol. 1862-64

Y Young, Armory S-l 1844-54
?? Jonathan Young, USN (100 WhitneyÕs possibly Rem. revÕs.) 1841-82

GZ G. Zauche, Armory S-l 1905-06

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