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Walmart Scam

by scuzzy-elo

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Walmart Scam

Guide by: scuzzy-elo 2003


Basically, this scam consists of you posing as a Walmart worker and acquiring a large amount of merchandise. This may be an already covered scam but I will discuss doing it the easiest/cheapest ways.


First, you will want to note the uniforms worn by workers at different Walmarts. I suggest going far from where you live and making your observations at different Walmarts. In most cases the uniform is just a blue vest, or apron, made from canvas worn over a regular outfit. The vest/apron is donned with an ID tag, Walmart label, and other texts printed on the clothing.

Next you will need to research the work schedules of the store you will be infiltrating. Note when and who the first worker to come in is, where the workers go in, and what they do first. Another important thing to note is what days a manager is present. That information can be acquired by a simple phone call to the store posing as security advisor or something, be creative. The other information will need to be observed with your own eyes. To observe this, first note the opening hour. Go to your targeted location at that time and hide somewhere with a good view of the area. If you have a car, park it out of site. This information may take a few days to obtain but it is essential to getting into the store.


Alternately you could just walk in during regular hours but I still suggest finding out when a manager will be present.

Also, you may want to get a picture of a worker. Just say that you are on a scavenger hunt for xxxx and you need a photo of a Walmart worker. For added effect, have a friend come in and take a picture of you with the worker.

Now that you have the schedule of the store and the uniform, it is time to make your disguise.


Depending on which method you use, you may need to make the uniform or buy one and alter it to your needs.

Blue vest/apron (Or large pieces of royal blue canvas, sewing machine, assorted pieces of blue canvas for pockets or tie ups etc.)

White paint pens (or color of writing on vests/aprons)

Spray paint (may suffice for paint pens)

A few pieces of thin cardboard (not corrugated)

Black capital letter stickers

Teslin sheet

Laminate pouch


Paint Program


Xacto knife

Metal spring clip with plastic strip and button

Making The Uniform

First, pick which uniform you want to make. Then craft it to the best of your abilities to look like the ones in Walmart. The vests simply drape over the shoulders and around the back with an opening in the front that comes together in the middle and down to the bottom where it turns off a bit. There are no buttons holding the vest shut. There may be a pocket so check to be sure. The vest is single stitched all the way around and has holes for the arms, not slits down the sides.

The apron is the standard type apron. It has a strap going around the neck and two straps that tie across the back. There is also a pocket in the front.

Making Your Identification

Basically the ID tags worn by Walmart employees are a rounded rectangle with three red, white, and blue stripes. The red is on top, the white is in the middle, and the blue is on the bottom. The name of the employee is in the white part in black letters. Making this template should not be hard and can be done in MS Paint. The problem will be drawing the appropriate thickness of each stripe. Make the template with the three stripes and print it out on the Teslin. Now make up a fake name and sticker it on the white part of the ID with the black letter stickers. The letters need to be all caps. Now cut the card to shape and laminate it. Once finished, cut off all excess. Now get your Xacto knife and cut aflat wide hole for the button and strap of the metal spring clip. Slide the clip through and you are finished.

Assorted Labeling

You should have noted any printed writing on the vest along with the Walmart logo. Cut out stencils with the thin cardboard the size of the writings. Lay them in the appropriate positions on the vest and proceed to paint them in. This is when a picture would come in handy.

Now your uniform is finished.


Note the day and time that you will need to enter the Walmart. The best time is when a manager will not be there and when there will be a large crowd but not too large.

Enter the store either at the opening or later when a crowd has accumulated through the noted worker entry wearing your uniform. Act as if you are checking prices and labels on items throughout the store and clean up any items that have fallen off the racks. Just pretend that you work there. Grab a shopping cart (or two) and begin putting different items in it at a speed that suggest you are working hard but not over rushing so that attention from video surveillance isn’t drawn to you. After your cart is full, make your way to the cash registers. Look for one that is on, but has no worker. If the only open ones are off, access the telephone, press the code for the intercom and call a cashier to the front. Have the cashier get you set up on the register as you forgot your password/code/whatever. Smile as the cashier leaves and grab an item out of your cart. Scan it and proceed to scan all your items in your cart and demagnetize/deactivate any security tags Enter purchase into register, take any money you want, and close register. Now put all your items in your cart and push it out of the store.


Alternately you could have a friend come in with a list of items to get, fill up a cart, and bring it all to your register. After you scan the items, type that the amount was received, take any money wanted, and then let your friend leave with the items then you leave later.

If you are asked why no one has ever seen you, say:

You were a trainee at the xxx location and you were assigned to work there for your first day.

You were moved there from a different location.

You’ve been there the whole time and mention a few other worker’s names.

Watch out for undercover workers looking after you. They are dressed casually but have pagers and walkie-talkies. They monitor customer behavior usually so you can tip them off by pointing out a customer and saying they have shoplifted there before and you remember their face perfectly. This isn’t necessary but if you note them taking an interest in you this might help. Also, you may just want to get out of their view all together before you make your way to a register.

Remember, if you feel that your presence is unwanted LEAVE. If you think that someone may be on to you LEAVE.

A disguise may be worn if you want extra security. A false mustache can be made from clippings from an appropriate wig and a thin strip of two-sided tape. Wearing a pair of fake glasses, adding fake sideburns, using makeup to add freckles, and talking with a lisp or different tone of voice may add to your security if identified later. (Given that your disguise is believable).

If you need to use the intercom, a good message would be “Cashier to register X. Cashier to register X.”

Do this at a Walmart no where near where you live. Also make your observations at different Walmarts away from where you live. If you do need to go into the stores, wear different disguises.

Disguises are optional. Be safe and don’t be dumb.

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