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Bound to Please

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.


She had always liked the thought of being helpless. Overpowered by her
lover/partner, with her sexual desires building up, but unable to satisfy
herself. It was when she was small, and playing with some boys in the
neighborhood, that she discovered the stimulation from being held captive.
Once, while playing "Cops and Robbers", she had been tied to a chair. The
excitement and rush she felt from trying to get free, caused her to have
her first orgasm. Since then, she had always liked the concept of bondage
as a sexual stimulus, as a way of being aroused. She had always liked the
benevolent, romantic type of bondage. No pain was ever involved or even
thought. Her bondage was a for the sake of sexual teasing or foreplay, or
acting out a rescue fantasy with juvenile overtones, or just the sweet and
secret simple sharing of a personal fantasy between caring persons.
When she is wrapped up tightly, there is a feeling of being protected, and
the bonds become the surrogate for a protective lover's arms. The bondage
she thought of was an essentially gentle act used by lovers to intensify
their physical and sexual closeness. This was the way she felt. But there
was no one to share her fantasy with. She had been alone for some time,
and when you are alone, your fantasies become even more important. But she
had developed something to satisfy her desire, where there was a will,
there was a way. It was something she had developed over time by herself.
She would tie herslf and then struggle to get free. The resulting climax
was even better than she had achieved with her former lovers, without the
problems of satisfying their sexual hang-ups.

But with any fantasy, there is always a risk. The risk that someone will
find out her secret desires and embarrass her. The risk that she could be
hurt by her partner. A special trust is required before you can open up
and share you fantasies with someone. And then there is the risk of tying
yourself up, and not being able to get free. But she had no really close
friends, no one she could trust, so she had invented a "safety person". A
close friend who had a key to her house and could save her if her something
went wrong with her bondage, her self-bondage. If she was unable to escape
after her orgasmic fantasy, her unknowing friend would be over sometime
later to help here get free.

This was the way she felt. It had been her secret until now.........



It all started one Friday morning when Miss Fortune decided to put herself
into some restrictive self-bondage. She hadn't done that for a while so
that afternoon when she got home from work she decided to have some fun.
Earlier that morning she had frozen a key that would unlock her handcuffs
in an ice tray. When she got home, the key was ready to go.

Miss Fortune locked the doors and stripped down to the nude. She put on a
pair of stockings and a garter belt, thick high black leather boots, brief
panties, elbow length kid leather gloves, and a black lace bra that
revealed more than it covered. She felt very sexy and knew that she
wouldn't be going out side dressed like that. She was set to begin.

She hooked the ice cube tray with the key frozen inside up to a string
hanging from the ceiling in the middle of her bedroom. When it melts, the
key would fall to the floor and she would have to struggle over and free
herself. She then picked up the phone and asked if Rosebud could come over
that evening so that they could go to the bar and look for men. Rosebud
was her safety person, but she did not know the real reason she was being
invited over. She said that she would be over that evening at eight
o'clock that night. That gave her about 3 hours of bondage fun.

Miss Fortune sat down on the bed and picked up a piece of soft rope and
proceeded to tie and cinch her booted feet together very tightly at the
ankles. She next stood up and locked a 3 inch wide leather belt around her
waist. This leather belt had a two inch strap that was attached in back to
the waist strap and went through her legs and locked in front, better known
as a "chastity belt". She then locked a set of handcuffs to a D-ring which
was also attached to the belt in the back. When her hands were locked in
the handcuffs, she would be unable to move them away from her body. Miss
Fortune then tied her legs together, above the knee, thus making her legs
useless. To make things even more difficult, she got back up on the bed
and sat back on her ankles, and strapped her ankles to her thighs with a
large leather strap. With her hands locked behind her, she would
effectively be hogtied, a position which excited her and that she loved
very much.

She picked up the red ball gag and wedged the sphere in her mouth. She
pulled the strap behind her head and buckled it tightly, pulling the ball
deep into her mouth. Without help, the gag was not coming off. One last
item and she was ready to go. She picked up a thin rubber sheet and folded
it into a four inch wide strip to act as a blindfold. She tied it tightly
around her head covering her eyes. She found that being blindfolded made
the time go slower and also allowed her to fantasize easier.

Miss Fortune laid on her stomach, placed her hands behind her and locked
the handcuffs on her wrists. She was now a prisoner of her own bondage.
She knew she had about two hours before the ice would melt so she just laid
back and relaxed, because she wasn't going anywhere. She really enjoyed
being tied up a gaged like this, all she had to do was lay there and dream.

She hadn't been tied up long when she thought she herd the front door bell
ring. Then it rang, again. It really surprised her. She wasn't expecting
anyone this early in the afternoon. Then there was someone knocking on the
door. She herd the person say, "Miss Fortune, are you in there?" It was
Rosebud. Miss Fortune hadn't realized that she was going to come this
early. She could understand why Rosebud has come so early. But she was
here now. Rosebud had a key to Miss Fortune's house, she only hoped she
didn't use it. She was out of luck. Miss Fortune heard her opening the
door and walking in. She knew that Rosebud would come into the bedroom and
find her on the bed all bound and gaged, but there was no way out not. Her
secret would be known.



When Rosebud entered the room, she must have been taken by supprise,
because she just stopped at the door and said, "Miss F, what are you
doing?" She rushed over to the bed and removed the blindfold, and tried to
remove the hand cuffs, but found they were locked on.

"Boy! Someone sure didn't want you to get away did they?" she said. "Where
is the key?" She had forgotten that Miss F was still gagged. Rosebud
unbuckled the strap that held the ball gag in place and removed the gag.
Miss F said that the key hanging in the middle of the room. Rosebud was
supprised, but then she looked at Miss Fortune and smiled.

Rosebud asked Miss Fortune if she had done this to herself. After she said
yes, RB asked why she had done this. Miss F explained that she had been
practicing bondage for some time and that she hadn't found someone she
could really trust to tie her up, so she invented ways to tie herself up
and get loose without help. This is called self-bondage. The Rosebud
asked "what happens if you can't get out?" Miss F explained that she had
been using her as a safety person. Before he placed herself in bondage,
she would call Rosebud and ask her to come over later that day or evening.
And since you have your own key, you could come inside to wait if she
wasn't there. This way if something went wrong with her bondage, Rosebud
would eventually come along and free her.

Rosebud just smiled and got up from the bed and walked over to the ice that
held the key to the hand cuffs. She untied the block of ice and took it to
the bathroom where she melted it to retreve the key. When Rosebud came
back, she held the key up in front of Miss Fortune's face and said "I guess
I am that someone, now; besides, you don't have any choice." She was
right. Miss F was bound very securely and Rosebud did have the key. Then
Rosebud supprised Miss Fortune by asking if she would like to spend the
rest of the weekend tying each other up. She said that she has always been
curious what bondage was like , but she never had the chance to try it.
Now she had that chance. Miss F quickly agreed.

Rosebud said that she had to go home and get some different clothes so that
she could stay here for the whole weekend. She also said that they could
start tying each other up now and that she would finish retying Miss F on
the bed and then go home and get her stuff. That sounded good to Miss
Fortune. She told Rosebud that she kept the rest of her bondage equipment
in a suitcase under the bed. RB pulled out the suticase and dumped the
contents in the middle of the floor. She was supprised to see the amount
in the suitcase. RB sat down in the middle of the floor and examined each
piece of equipment. Miss F tried to explain the purpose of each piece. RB
played with a few of the items, and tried some on herself. She then picked
out two elbow cuffs, a leather strap and a long leash. RB got up from the
floor, and sat down next to Miss F on the bed. She rolled Miss Fortune on
her stomach and proceeded to attach a leather cuff to each arm, just above
the elbow. She then connected them together with a leather strap, pulling
her elbows close together. This had been something Miss F had been unable
to accomplish by herself. She then attached a leash to a clip on one of
the straps and the other end to the bed headboard. Miss Fortune was now
tied to the bed. Before Rosebud left, she regagged Miss F with the ball
gag, pulling it tighter than she had it before. She also retied the rubber
sheet around her eyes, cutting off her sight. Rosebud got up from the bed,
patted her on the rear and said, "Be back in a while. Just relax. I then
heard her walk out of the room and close the door. She was all alone. Her
wildest dream had come true. She had been bound and gaged by a friend who
was completely in control. This was the ultimate fantasy. I hope RB is
trustworthy, she thought.



She was all alone. Her wildest dream had come true. She had been bound
and gaged by a friend. This was her ultimate fantasy.

It was about 15 minutes later when she heard a loud crack of breaking wood
and then the door open. Something about that noise didn't sound right, she
thought. Why would RB have returned so soon. I knew she took my car, I
hope she didn't have any problem. Miss F was becoming stiff from being
tied so completely. That's funny, she thought, what was that loud
wood-like crack before the door opened, and now, someone was opening and
closing cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. What was Rosebud doing? The
bedroom door opened with a thud, and a deep voice said, "This is what I
call service".

"Oh my God", thought Miss F., something has gone wrong, and it isn't
Rosebud. She struggled on the bed to get free, but she knew is was
useless. She stopped moving as a pair of large muscular hands grabbed her
by the shoulders and turned her over on her side. "I don't know who did
this to you beautiful, but I would like to thank them. I thought no one
was home here, but now I am glad you are". The hands felt incredibly
strong as he untied he straps on her legs. She could feel the blood
rushing back into her feet as he removed her leg bonds. She sat on the
edge of the bed and wiggled her feet to try to get them working. Her hands
were still in handcuffs attached to belt at her back. "I can't see your
eyes very well" said the voice as the blindfold was removed. "Who in the
hell is this", she thought.

As the blindfold was removed and her eyes cleared, she could see a tall man
wearing tight worn leather pants, a black turtleneck sweeter, and a ski
mask with only his eyes showing. This guy was a hulk of a man who must
have lifted weights for a living. Obviously, he had come to rob the house,
but had found something he liked better. Miss was still gagged and
handcuffed as she sat on the edge of the bed. The chastity belt which she
still wore was her only protection. She hoped RB had taken the keys to the
locks with her.

"I can see you are in a bit of a bind beautiful, let me help you a little."
As he approached her he could see that he had the keys to her locks in his
hand. RB must have left them on the kitchen table. She was in trouble,
and she couldn't even identify this guy. He unlocked the belt and
disconnected the handcuffs from the belt, but he left them connected to her
wrists behind her back. Now she was even more vulnerable. His eyes
drifted over to the suitcase of bondage equipment which Rosebud has left in
full view. "You are really into this stuff, aren't you beautiful." He
picked up a set of leg shackles and came toward her. He unzipped her
leather boots and removed them, but then he snapped the shackles on her
ankles. They were just like the hand cuffs only slightly larger with a 12
inch chain. With them on, you could only take short steps, but running was
totally out.

"Well beautiful, these clothes were made for prowling outside and I am
getting rather hot. I hope you will excuse me if I take off this
turtleneck" he said . Take off the mask too, thought Miss Fortune, so I
can pick you out of the mug shots. Only the sweater came off, but it
revealed enough muscle for two robbers. This guy had an outstanding build
which made Miss F hot just to sit there.

"I hope you don't mind" he said "but I want to take off this mask too". So
you will have to put one on, or you will be able to identify me. "Damn it"
thought Miss F. Her chances were rapidly decreasing. This guys brains
matched his build. She knew what was next. He went to the bondage
equipment and returned with a leather discipline helmet. The only openings
were 3 small holes at the noise for breathing. "I hate to leave the gag
in, it looks so uncomfortable, but I can't take the chance that you would
scream. He placed the leather helmet over her head and zipped the zipper
which ran down the back of her head to the neck. The zipper connected to a
leather collar that went around her neck with a small lock . A few muffled
groans were all that were heard as the lock was connected with a horrifying
"CLICK". Miss F had used the helmet before but always in fantasy. She
knew how it was impossible to remove without the key.

She new what was next, and he proved her right. With the scissors he had
taken from the kitchen, her bra and panties fell away. She was totally
blind, unable to speak, wrists handcuffed behind her back, her legs locked
at her ankles, completely nude, and completely helpless. What was worse,
she could hear him breathing close to her. She knew he was near. What was
next. Why wasn't Rosebud back yet.



Miss F could feel the heat from his muscular body, and his eyes visually
groping her body. She was afraid, but she had to remain calm. If she
could just remain still on the bed things would be OK. She quivered as the
bed moved. He had laid down on the bed next to her, but he still had not
touched her. What was he going to do, what was he thinking?

"You are a fantastically beautiful woman" he said in a deep voice. "Under
different circumstances we could have,... well.. it could have been
different." As he spoke, she felt the caress of his hand on her breast.
But it was unusual, it was soft and tender. There was emotion on the
other end of that hand, thought Miss F. Maybe she would be safe after all.

His hand moved slowly over her breast, softly fondling her lovely mounds.
Her nipples werid and tight, and his fingers gently squeezed them.
Slowly his hand moved down her abdomen and over her stomach, going lower.

Miss F shivered as he groped her body. Her hands strained to be free of
the steel cuffs on her wrists. Her breathing was rapid as she became
excited . How could this be happening, she was afraid for her safety, but
she was becoming sexually aroused. His hand slowly moved in circular
motions on her stomach. Suddenly, a liquid was being applies on her
stomach, a perfumed creamy lubricant. His hand smoothed the excessive
cream over her stomah and up on to her breasts. The soft smooth liquid
added a slippery feel which only heightened her sexual excitement. He had
placed his left arm under her head, as he lay next to her and slowly
caressed her body as he added still more of the perfumed cream. Slowly,
his hand worked lohad worked it between herlegs.

The excitement and anxiety was too must for her she had relaxed and
allowed her legs to open, allowing his creamy rhythmic hand access to her
womanhood. The touch was light but firm as it worked rhythmically, up and
down, in and out, against her swelling opening. The chain connecting her
ankle cuffs clinked as Miss F began to move in unison with the stimulating
hand. Her breathing became more rapid, and louder. He pulled her close
with the hand under her head, and placed his right leg over her legs. How
did she ever get into his situation she thought, but however it happened,
at this moment she didn't want it to stop. He could tell she was becoming
more and more stimulated, and was approaching orgasmic relief, and just as
she was nearing the point, HE STOPPED. Why had he Stopped. She groaned
with anticipation, what hat happened.

He jumped from the bed as Miss F heard the back door to the kitchen open.
Rosebud was returning (at last) with her things to spend the weekend. Miss
F thought "I have to warn her, how can I tell her about the man in the
bedroom." Miss F made muffled grunts and groans trying to alert RB.
Rosebud could hear the soft noises from the bedroom and assumed that Miss F
was just having fun being tied up, the way RB had left her.

Rosebud had changed her clothes and decided that black leather was just the
thing for the weekend plans. A black leather straight miniskirt with a
pullover soft glove skin leather sweat shirt top. A pair of calf-high
black leather high heeled boots, topped of the sultry outfit. She had on a
tan trench coat to conceal the dramatic attire. The muffled noises were
growing louder from the bedroom. "What was "F" up to in there" she
wondered. RB removed her trench coat and put her suitcase on in the corner
of the kitchen. She had told friends not to expect to see her until
Monday. She headed for the bedroom and as she opened the door she was
quiet. How in the world had Miss F gotten loose? What had happened to her
clothes? How did she get that hood over her head? -- As RB took two
steps forward, the bedroom door slammed shut behind her with a "WHAM".

She turned around to see this hulk of a muscular figure in tight leather
pants, no shirt, and a ski mask on. "OH MY G.." said RB. As she moved for
the door, he stepped in front of it. The perspiration on his body and the
massive bulge in his pants told RB that he was recently excited by
something. Miss F was suddenly quiet on the bed, knowing that her hope to
be rescued by RB has just evaporated.

The way RB was dressed, the tight leather skirt and clingy glove leather
top, only added fuel to the sexual fires that raged inside the intruder.
Rosebud had not expected this. She had planned a fanciful playful weekend
with miss F, satisfying some inner erotic desires, which she had wondered
about for years. But now, this had changed to something that put fear in
her. Who was that man behind the mask. Who ever he was he, was coming
closer, and closer...



"So I have you to thank for this present in the bedroom" said the hunk
between her and the door. "You must be really into this stuff with the
suitcase of EQUIPMENT under the bed, but I guess now it is your turn to
have some fun too." If he only knew that her exposure to this was only
earlier this afternoon when she found Miss F. Miss F wiggled on the bed,
trying in some way to help RB by distracting her captor, but he paid no
attention to the noises. Just as RB was planning to let out be loudest
scream of her life, he clasped his hand over her mouth and pulled her back
to the bed. With his massive hand over her mouth, pinning her against his
body, he reached into the suitcase of bondage equipment and pulled out
another rubber ball gag similar to the one Miss F had been chewing on for
the last hour. As he strapped it into her mouth, the muffled groans were
all that could be heard in the room. With the gag in place, he pulled her
leather sweatshirt top off, exposing her full breasts. Her breasts were
like two fantastic soft pillows, really more than one man could handle, and
they moved rhythmically as she struggled to gain her freedom.

"I see you like leather, well maybe we can find something you will like in
the suitcase." As he pulled her over to the suitcase he produced a soft
leather straitjacket. This jacket was like the ones they use in the mental
hospitals except it was made from soft black leather. He forced the jacket
sleeves onto her arms, pushed her face down onto the bed and attached the
buckles & straps which closed the jacket in the back. The sleeves of the
jacket were long with the ends sewn closed with a strap in one sleeve and a
buckle in the other. He pulled her arms behind her, brought the
strap/buckle around to the front and connected them together across her
stomach. Another strap attached to the front of the jacket at the waist
went down between her legs and attached to a buckle in the back. Unless
you were Houdini, there was no way to get free from this jacket without
help. Once again he went to the suitcase and pulled out a leather
blindfold. As he placed it over her eyes and fastened it behind her head,
RB stopped squirming. He pushed her back onto the bed with Miss F, removed
one of Miss F leg cuffs, ran it through the frame of the bed and connected
it to RB's leg. To prevent Miss F from undoing the straps of RB's leather
jacket, he had placed leather mittens over Miss F's hands. These mittens
had no fingers or thumbs and secured to her wrists by a single strap. They
were both helpless and very vulnerable on the bed. He wondered how many
more fantastically beautiful women would show to be bound and gagged.

The erotic excitement was so thick in the air you could cut it with a
knife. RB was a small woman but she made up for it in other ways. Being
new to any form of bondage, she struggled on the bed trying to pull her
arms free, but it was no use. The smooth leather was pulled tight across
her breasts from the jacket straps that held the straight jacket tight to
her body. As they laid on the bed they heard the intruder leave and
partially close the door behind him.

Miss F could just make out RB's garbled words. "What happened" said RB.
"Who is this guy?" "I don't know, but we have got to get free" muffled
Miss F, who words were even harder to understand through the leather hood.
"How does he have you tied up, the straitjacket? said Miss F. "Muph" said
RB, as she tried to say yes. "Roll over and maybe I can..." She stopped
short as they heard him talking on the phone in the kitchen, but they could
only hear bits and pieces of the conversation.

What they did hear made their blood run cold... "Two fantastic foxes...the
Sheik will pay big bucks for these two". "If you arrange the plane they
could be ready for transport tomorrow." "Just remember to bring the van
and my cash" "I will call back with the address in the morning". "What a
sweet deal". "Good-bye"

RB and Miss F were stunned. Their hearts were beating so hard that they
could hear the pounding in their ears. What had RB fallen into.. A simple
erotic play time with Miss F had turned into a nightmare....

The door opened and he walked in. "Well said the voice, I hope you girls
like to travel". The voice seemed somehow slightly changed, but it must be
the same person. "But I need a shower... and who would like to join me?"
"Well Miss F since you are dressed for it you are the lucky one". He
unlocked the leg cuff from her leg and connected it to the bed frame. He
helped Miss F, still nude with her hands cuffed behind her, to her feet,
removed her leather mittens and lead her toward the shower.

What was his master plan thought Miss F. Who is this guy and how could they

Episode #5 ........

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