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Enema Movies

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
March 4, 1990

As promised, reviews of the enema movies I have. I gave the addresses
of enema video suppliers in an earlier library file--I think the main
subject matter was equipment. My main criteria for liking a movie are
(1) whether the enema is real or not, (2) whether the scenario
involves domination/submission (forced enema and spanking), (3) the
quality of the acting and attractiveness of the actresses. Other
people may have different views, so I've included the producer's
description of the storyline of each movie as well as my own comments.
Happy reading, send me your comments or post 'em,

GENERAL COMMENTS: Unlike the Tyler videos, NONE of the enemas in the
``Big E'' series are real. Often the bag isn't even filled; when it
is, the camera never shows it emptying into the recipient--because it
doesn't. That said, some of the scenes are actually pretty good. Vol.
1 is quite bad, but the ``Reform School Enema'' segment has one of the
best spanking scenes I've witnessed. Vol. 4 and 5 have attractive
models and the enemas, although faked, are still erotic in some

The Big E vol. 1
``Featuring REFORM SCHOOL ENEMA: a sassy young beauty is spanked
and given a large volume enema by a cruel headmistress, ENEMA
NURSES: three sexy female nurses restrain a pretty female mental
patient in order to give her a high colonic, PRISON ENEMA:
handcuffed and given two big bagfulls by a cruel female guard,
the lovely inmate is locked up in a toilet-less cell. Plus ENEMA

Don't get your hopes up over the descriptions. The girl in
``Reform School Enema'' is attractive, and the over-the-knees,
tartan skirt up, panties at half-mast spanking she gets is very
stimulating. Otherwise a dismal video, with unstimulating enema

The Big E vol. 4
``ENEMA GIRL'S REVENGE: wherein two girls get even with a heel
who ``burned'' them [the nozzles of their bags ar in theory,
coated with Vicks instead of Vaseline] by inflaming the asshole's
asshol SECRETARY'S REVENGE: a perky blonde's tight buns wiggle
and jiggle as her roommate attempts to help her unload more than
her troubles, PREGNANT ENEMA: a pregnant woman endures two quarts
at the hands of a former lover.''

Both women in ``Enema Girl's Revenge'' are attractiv with large
firm breasts and round behinds, which wiggle quite appealingly as
the nozzle goes in. Otherwise not a lot to offer.

The Big E vol. 6
``ENEMA RESORT: a young couple go to get some fun in the sun,
ENEMA FEVER: a young girl has her temperature checked [guess how]
and makes yours rise, SUMMER ENEMA: Aunti gives her niece and her
hairy-assed friend relief from their stuffiness, ENEMA SOLUTION:
a young man breaks the ice with his dream girl by giving her a
warm two quarts.''

``Enema Fever'' and ``Summer Enema'' are my favorites. In the
former, a young lady in bed with a fever is rolled onto her
stomach and her underpants are lowered, so that her temperature
can be taken by mom--rectally of course. Because daughter dear is
constipated, mom soon returns with a sloshing bag, which her
(unattractiv ) female friend administers. The daughter is cute
(nice round behind) and squirms and moans and complains very

``Summer Enema'' also has attractive models; the plot involves
two constipated [surpris surprise] girls who are washed out
outdoors by their caring aunt. Once again, two firm round
behinds, which I find quite aesthetically pleasing, especially
after they've been given red-rubber-tubing tails.

MISC VENDORS (i.e. I don't remember where I got them):
To quote David Barton-Jay (``The Enema as an Erotic Art and its

In June--Dec 1975 an Illinois man was arrested, charged, and
later found guilty of armed robberies including those in
which women were tied up and forcibly administered enemas
...Because the charges of administering enemas were less
serious, and carried a shorter mandatory prison sentence,
they were dropped and the man was convicted of the armed
robbery portions of his crimes. After his sentence was
pronounced, an assistant state attorney said the armed
robberies were not motivated by a desire for money, but were
perpetrated for the purpose of giving the victims, all young
women, enemas.

``Waterpower'' is loosely based on the ``Enema Bandit'' story, and was
originally a shot-on-film porno movie that was in general release in
X-rated movie houses in the late seventies. It has a number of well-
known porno stars, led by Jamie Gillis, who plays the role of the
Enema Bandit. All the acting is quite good, and since the movie is
based on a real series of events, the plot hangs together very well.
The video quality should also be also better than usual, because it's
a transfer from film.

``Waterpower'' is a fairly viol nt movie, both because the actual
Enema Bandit forcibly administered enemas to his victims, and also
because D/S seems to be a hallmark of Jamie Gillis, who is
unquestionably into what he is doing. There are 4 enema scenes, all

(1) The Enema Bandit goes to an enema parlor and observes a
client playing enema-doctor to a bound patient. With his
``nurse's'' help he administers a forced-enema to the bound
patient in a hospital setting, using a bardex nozzle. She then
expels into a bedpan, although you don't see much of that.

(2) The Enema Bandit breaks into the apartment of his neighbor,
who has ``dirtied'' herself by having sex, and forces her into
the bathroom where he has anal sex with her (I'm pretty sure of
this, although the scene is neither long nor detailed). He then
has her crouch down by the toilet to receive an enema for
purification, which she expels into the bathtub (again, not too
explicitly filmed).

(3) The Bandit breaks into the apartment of two lesbians, has
anal sex with one of them (short scene), and then gives them both
enemas while they are tied standing-up in the shower.

(4) A policewoman trying to catch the Bandit succeeds in luring
him to her apartment but, while she is out of the room, he
discovers her real identity. When she returns he ties her up,
explains at some length that she must have wanted the case
because she secretly likes enemas, and then leads her to the
bathtuburifin which she is placed, bottom-upwards. He squats behind
her and administers an enema using a straight-plastic nozzl
which he periodically removes, presumably so that we can witness
the water coming back out (which we do see). He also penetrates
her anally at one point during this procedure. The scene then
fades out, only to return with the Bandit preparing to administer
an enema with a bardex nozzl . He leaves the apartment while the
water is going in, and the policewoman is eventually rescued by a
policeman friend.

I have to say that this is a movie that is near and dear to my heart,
because I grew up in the town where the REAL enema bandit struck, I
was in junior high at the tim and the reports in the paper (not very
explicit obviously) gave me an almost continual hard-on. And this
movie reminds me about all that.

I also have to say that ``Waterpower'' is a violent movi and it may
consequently not be very available nowadays, thanks to Ed Meese,
Jessie Helms, and the other censorship happy morons out there. In my
opinion what the enema bandit did was absolutely equivalent to rap
WILL, so don't get the idea that I think anyone should go out and do
this sort of thing. At the same time the VIDEO is pretty exciting, as
PURE FANTASY. The same goes for the Victorian era books, which offer
``cane, taws birchrod, female buggery, Sapphic sex, punishment
corsets, [and!] colonic distress'' (from ``Good Old Fashioned Spanking
Stories'' vol. III)--it is exciting as fantasy, but as reality (reform
schools of the tim ) it is depressing. The fact that there is a true
event behind ``Waterpower''--a man who broke into women's homes and
forced them to take enemas--is unquestionably arousing, but only in
the abstract, for no one should be a victim of sexual abuse.

Dr. Sherman's Enema Clinic with Distension
``Two young girls go to Dr. Sherman's enema clinic for a good
internal cleaning which they receive via a 3 quart enema which
they both expel into the john.''

Doesn't sound like much from the jacket blurb, or whatever the
video equivalent is, but I actually found it ... charming? The
guy who plays Dr. Sherman looks and acts like a cross between a
pervert and your kindly old grandfather. He seems to be treating
his two patients with care and concern for their well-being, but
at the same tim he's sticking this tube up their adol scent
bottoms (both girls look to be 18-20), and clearly enjoying it,
which I HOPE there aren't that many grandfathers out there doing
(although if I were a grandfather I wouldn't mind having a job
like that). Anyway, the girls are cut have nice behinds, are
positioned nicely, etc. Surprisingly good.

GENERAL COMMENTS: In my opinion, these are the best enema videos
available. The basic reason is quite simple--the people who produce
these videos (the Tylers) as well as the models who appear in them are
ALL into enemas. That means they're not uncomfortable with the subject
matter, and they all do indeed take REAL enemas, which is pretty
obvious when you see an enema bag that is quite full slowly decrease
in size through the only outlet available--a hose that is quite firmly
plugged into the behind of a female recipient. Also, the models in
these videos are attractiv . The acting isn't as good as one would
like but, hey, this isn't Hollywood, and I'm not Siskel ... or Ebert.

As to the plots, a large number of the Tyler videos (i.e. High-Volume
Enema, Ms. Marilin's Rectal Irrigation, Nurse's Prep, Wendy's G.I.
Prep) have a ``visiting nurse'' enema scenario, which doesn't really
work for me. I like the idea of a nurse/patient enema that is given in
a hospital setting, where the patient is completely at the mercy of
the nurse, well away from the comfort (slight though it may be) of her
own home, unable to protect or defend herself in any way from the
inevitable administration of the enema. There's obviously a D/S theme
there, and in keeping with that my favorite Tyler films are, ``A
Mother's Touch'', ``In Desperate Need'', ``Revenge Enema'', and
``Stacey Learns Her Lesson'', all of which involve spanking and D/S.
Don't get too excited about the spanking though--these people are into
enemas, not spanking, so the spankings ar just OK. If you want real
spanking try Nu-West and related companies.

Finally, on to the subject of expulsion. Yes, most of these videos do
indeed show actual expulsion--quite viewable--of the enema. The model
squats with her back to you, over a bedpan or plastic bucket, the
nozzle is pulled out, and she lets fly. This may sound gross, but it
isn't. What comes out is basically as crystal-clear as perrier water
(without the benzene, I hope for the model's sake). It would be
interesting to see a video of the models PREPARING for a shoot--for
the water to end up being that clean I would guess they take three or
four enemas (at least) before they start filming. No brown showers

A Mother's Touch (30 min)
``Carla, a voluptuous blonde, returns from her date to find her
mother waiting and upset because she stayed out so late and took
her car. Mother gives her a good over-the-knee spanking plus a
two quart enema using the Davol Paris Red combination bag and
black douche nozzle. Tap features very good spanking scene.
Carla expels into the john.''

``Voluptuous'' means somewhat overweight (she's young enough to
carry it off). Video quality adequat story line and acting

High-Volume Enema (13 min)
``Short--but to the point! Sandy finds herself in need of a G.I.
series, and to prevent possible embarrassment from her fellow
workers doing the prep, she returns to Wendy for help [see
Wendy's G.I. Prep.]. Sandy, however, does it all in one shot! She
has Wendy prepare a full, four-quart enema using the red Sherema
bag and bardex nozzle. Wendy's a little new at giving, making the
insertion of the nozzle long and detailed. With Sandy wearing her
white undergarments only, she takes ALMOST the entire four quarts
prepared by Wendy. Tap features full bag preparation, excellent
close-ups, partial intake expelled into bedpan.''

In Desperate Need (30 min)
``Vicki and Suzanne have a scene in the bedroom. Vicki is
constantly complaining of a tummy-ache from all the junk food she
at so Suzanne decides that what she really needs is a good
spanking and an enema. She gives her a 2.5 quart enema using the
red open-top bag and a double-bardex nozzle. Vicki expels into
the john. Average spanking scene; good close-ups. [see also
Revenge Enema]''

Both models have a sense of humor, which actually adds to the
eroticism since it makes their acting less wooden. The video
quality could be better, and there are some technical glitches
(mainly radio nois ), but I liked it and its companion, ``Revenge

Ms. Marilin's Rectal Irrigation (35 min)
``Ms. Marilin starring in her FIRST video tape with Nurse Amy.
Marilin seems to need an operation and Nurse Amy is just the one
to prepare her for it. Amy, clad in full uniform, arrives at
Marilin's place early to get started. First, she takes her pulse,
etc., and then her first rectal temp. In need of a complete
clean-out, Amy prepares the first of two enemas for Marilin. The
first, using an open-top, white Victorian bag with white tubing
and white douche nozzl . On her right side, Marilin sucks the
entire contents. After expelling the first, Amy then prepares her
second and more powerful enema using a 2.5 quart open-top red
Davol bag, amber latex tubing and 32 french scale rectal tube.
After taking her temp. again [rectally, as if there were any
doubt], Amy begins the insertion of the rectal tube and starts
the flow of water. The entire length is inserted and the entire
bag is emptied into Ms. Marilin. With a full tummy, Amy helps her
into the bathroom where she expels. Incidentally, Marilin is clad
in an original, authentic hospital jonny [the slit gown with
easy-access to the patient's rear-end]. Definitely a winner for
her first (of many). Video quality, good, video content is
excellent, some audio nois from radio transmitter interferenc
but very audible regardless.''

Nurse's Prep. (40 min)
``Nurse Anderson shows up early AM and prepares Lisa for a G.I.
series. Lisa is given a series of three enemas, all from a clear
plastic bag, totalling about three quarts, and using a white
plastic tip, a colon tube, and a double bardex. Lisa expels into
the john after each one. Tap features excellent close-ups of

Revenge Enema (30 min)
``Vicki now gets her revenge on Suzanne [see In Desperate Need]
by also giving her a spanking and an enema using the same red
rubber open top bag and a green [barium] nozzle. The enema is
administered over-the-knee and Suzanne expels into the bedpan.
Average spanking scene; good close-ups; partial expelling shown
into the bedpan.''

Stacey Learns Her Lesson (40 min)
``Tall, slender, but well-rounded, brownish-red-hair Stacey plays
a french maid role clad in authentic outfit as Ron and Beth's
maid. As Stacey is cleaning house for Beth, as Beth has just left
for the hospital, she discovers her diamond ring and figures Beth
would really not miss it. Ahhh, but Beth returns for her keys and
practically catches her in the act. Her punishment is a good
over-the-knee spanking from Ron, along with a 2.5 quart enema
using a Davol, open-top with bardex nozzl . Stacey is also made
to expel in a clearish-white container.''

This one would be excellent, were it not for the screwed-up
audio. Its hard to hear what anyone is saying, not that you
really need to. The plot drags prior to the spanking, which isn't
really all that great; the enema scene is just hunky though. Why
did she have to calmly chew gum through it all! Isn't she
supposed to be frightened?! (for Beth Tyler, if she's listening).

Wendy's G.I. Prep. (25 min)
``Wendy and Sandy team up for a series of enemas given to Wendy
for her up-coming G.I. series at the hospital. Nurse Patterson,
Sandy, prepares a three-part enema for Wendy. The first two parts
are with a 3.8 quart clear-plastic hospital-type bag, with barium
nozzle. Wendy takes half the bag, expels it, and takes the rest
and expels that. Sandy puts a dash of salt in for the second one
to help prevent cramping. Both are expelled into the bedpan. The
third enema is a two quart, green [Fleet Bagenema Large-Volume
Enema Set], open-top bag with bardex nozzl . Wendy takes the
whole bag and expels into the john. Tap features Sandy clad in
full, sexy-styling nurse's uniform, bag preparation of first
enema, and excellent close-ups of lubrication and insertion. [see
also High-Volume Enema]''

Father and Daughter Enema
``Bonnie gets home late. She receives a good spanking on her bare
bottom and is given a large enema while she is bound.''

Bonnie is reasonably attractive. Father has trouble getting the
enema going, but eventually gets the water in. The spanking is
nothing special.

Housewife's Punishment Enema
``Shirley, a housewife, goes to a community punishment parlor to
relieve the guilt she feels for having misbehaved a number of
times. The counselor listens to her indiscretions and prescribes
punishment. She is given a rectal exam, a dildo treatment, a
paddling, and two enemas.''

A bit silly, but the dildos and enemas are both pretty good.
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