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Sex in The Park

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

The Park

I ??was ?walking ?through ?a ?small ?park ?around ?8:30pm. ??Nothing
spectacular ?about ?the ?park, ?it was only ?a ?small ?neighborhood
affair, ?adorned with hedges and trees and park benches, a children's
playground with swings and such. I was moody, and feeling a bit down
and though I didn't know WHERE I was, ?the surroundings appealed ?to
me and I decided to take advantage of the serenity of the moment.

I ?sat on one of the benches and looked around in the darkness. ??No
one ?was there but I (so I thought). ?The bench I occupied was
about ten feet in front of a group of hedges which were nestled right
up against a large group of trees.

As my thoughts began to drift off into a semi-trance state, I became
aware ?of noises coming from behind me; ?seemingly emitting from ?the
group of hedges behind me. ?I ?could hear the rustling of leaves
and ?slight ?whispers. ??My curiosity was aroused, ?and I ?arose ?to
investigate. ??I ?slowly crept up to the clump of ?hedges ?and
peaked over them. The moonlight, though not coming from a full moon,
was adequate to see a couple, ?lying on a blanket, ?involved in heavy

It ?was ?difficult to make out their faces clearly, ?but from what ?I
could see it appeared they were YOUNG. ?My guess was 14-15 ??years
old. ??The ?boy, ??since it was still warm in these latter ?days ?of
summer, ??was wearing only a pair of shorts, ?Bermuda style, ?and the
girl ?was adorned in what appeared to be a sun dress. ?What I ?could
see ?of her proved that she was a mature young lady, ?having ?all
the ?attributes of a woman. ?Her breasts were melon size and firm as
they ?pushed ?the top of her dress up pronouncedly. ?The boy's ?hand
rested on one and was not moving...perhaps squeezing, but no movement
at all.

I ?could hear their breathing, ?most definitely passionate ?and
without ?a doubt, ?they were both sexually excited. ?The ?boy ?moved
forward with his head and kissed the girl, ?on the lips, ?but from my
viewing angel, ?I ?could see it was nothing but a lip kiss, ?no
tongue action, and with his mouth mostly closed. ?The girl responded
in the same way, ?but I could hear her intake of breath as he kissed
her. He pushed his body against her, and I could see at the juncture
of his thighs, ?the excitement he felt...he was erect, ?not large but
adequate. ?His maleness pressed into the girl's thigh, ?and again
she breathed a deep sighing breath.

Her hand moved downward and touched him and he moaned. ?The ?girl,
hearing it, said, "Shhhhh, David, remember we're only a few blocks
from ?my house and my brother often comes here." ?Suddenly I realized
it was Sandi and her heart throb David. "HOW?", I ?asked myself,
"could I be witnessing this? ?How, could I have accidentally stumbled
into them?"

As ?I ?continued to watch, ?David's hand moved from Sandi's ?breast,
downward to the vee between her legs, ?outside her dress. ??Sandi
pushed her hips up into his hand and sighed again, ?almost as ?loudly
as ?David had moaned. ?Her hand was working, ?now, ?on ?David's
crotch. ?It was evident she was as sexually aroused as he, ?if ?not
more ?so. ?Her hips began moving into his hand, ?forcing it up
and down between her legs as her legs opened. I could see very well,
his finger forcing the dress, and assumed her panties, into the crack
of her cunt.

Their ?breathing had gotten louder and more rapid as ?they ?worked
on ?each other. ?David had his head resting on her breast ?as ?he
worked on her. I could see Sandi's eyes closed, her head moving side
to ?side ?as she whimpered from the action on her crotch. ?Her ?free
hand ?moved to the hem of her dress and began moving it upward, ?the
hem ?moving beyond her knees and onward. ?As the hem approached ?her
thighs, ?she moved her hand to David's, still busy at her crotch, and
lifted ?it long enough for her to move her dress on ?upward ?beyond
her waist.

She wore no panties. ?Even standing where I was I could smell ?her
sex, ??and ?my nostrils flared from the aroma and my mouth ?began ?to
water, ?wanting to taste the sex of this girl I had come to know and
care for. ?When her crotch was uncovered, ?she again placed David's
hand in her vee. ?He began to work on her again, only clumsily. ?He
moved ?his ?hand up and down, ?but his fingers did no exploring, ??no
inserting, ?even though I could tell from the swollen lips of her sex
that she was ready to be penetrated.

Sandi ?worked ?on the belt and zipper of David's shorts and soon ?had
his tool exposed to the night air as she pushed his pants and ?shorts
downward and off his feet. She broke the connection long enough
to ?remove her dress and revealed that she wore no bra either. ?Her
breasts sprang free, nipples swollen and extended, ?another sign of
her sexual excitement. ?They were both nude now, lying there. Sandi
whispered, "David, do it to me ... please do it to me, now. ?I've
wanted you soooooo long ... ?oh, please, David, ?fuck me my
first, please....PLEASE".

David, ?his tool hard, ?his pubic region bald, ?was a contrast to
Sandi's bush. ?Her pubic hair was noticeable, ?but not ?dense,
just beginning to become a woman's crotch. Sandi's legs spread and I
could see her cunt lips, spread and swollen from her passion, ?traces
of her dampness glistening in the slight moonlight.

As ?David ?crawled between her spread legs, ?Sandi reached ?for ?him,
guided ?him to her slit and moved the head of his tool up ?and
down ?her ?slit. ?She concentrated on her clit, ?the ?little ?button
swollen ?and ?protruding ?with her passion. ?Her ?breathing ?had
become intense as her passion grew. ?Finally, ?she guided him to her
hole. ??David ?remained motionless, ?and as Sandi raised ?her ?hips,
seeking to drive him into her, she said, "Push, David....come into
me, ?darling, ?I want you so badly". ?I ?could see his headless dick
move into her and hear her grunt, ?"Ummppphhh", ?as he sank into her
wetness. ?I could hear the smacking sounds here dampness made as he
moved up into her.

Sandi ?exhaled her breath, ?as though she had been holding it for
minutes. ??"Now, ??move ?in ?me, ??David...up ?and ?down....FUCK ?ME,
David...Now! ??Please!". ?David moved out and became unseated ?from
her. ?She quickly reached for him and put him back in her. Her hand
came ?away wet with her own secretions that surrounded ?his ?dick
from ?his entry into her. ?There was no blood. ?Her maiden head had
already been broken.

David, ??moved ?in and out of her a couple of times as Sandi's ?legs
came ?up around him, ?pulling his ass against her tightly on
his downstroke. ?Suddenly, David, groaned, "OHHHHH, ooh..oh...", ?and
his ?ass ?shook as he obviously had cum inside, ??her. ??She
cried, ?"Oh, ?NO! ?No, ?David, ?not yet...please not yet", ?as she
opened her eyes and heard him say, "I'm sorry, Sandi, I'm sorry..."

Sandi ?had ?NOT ?cum...she was frustrated and hurting, ??her ?abdomen
shaking from her unfulfilled excitement. ?I ?was totally ?aroused
and couldn't resist saying, ?"Sandi....don't be frightened, it's
me, ?Jonny". She sat upright, shoving David away from her, ?as I
said, "can I help, Sandi?", and approached them.

Before ?she could answer, ?I ?was kneeling between her legs, ?raising
them ?above ?my shoulders as my head lowered to her sex, ??my ?tongue
rolled ?into a tube and stabbed into her hole. ?My ?head ?moved
back and forth rapidly, ?and Sandi exclaimed, "OHHHHHHH!", as she lay
back. ?My tongue moved rapidly in and out of her as my noise slammed
into ?her clit causing her to spasm. ?Her hips began ?to ?move,
forcing ?my tongue deeper and harder into her.....her legs began ?to
kick, ??dangling over my shoulder, ?and began to squeeze my head as
she rapidly approached her climax....her stomach began to ?tighten
and ?the muscles there began to spasm as I felt her cunt lips chewing
on ?my ?tongue ?and I could feel her ass cheeks ?squeezing ?as ?she
sucked ?me deeper into her. ?Her wetness increased and the aroma grew
stronger as we both became more inflamed with our sexual passion.

She ?was ?close...her breathing rapid and ?deep ?and ?her
cries of, "Oh..oh...ohh...", with each lunge I made into her told me
she was enjoying it and nearing her cum. ?I ?quickly lowered her ass
back to the ground, moved up to her, ?my manhood now out of my pants,
and began guiding it to her hole. ?As I pushed upward and into her,
she cried, "SHeeeeeshhh, oh my God! OH MY GOD it's heaven."

I looked at David who was staring, ?wide eyed, ?at the action ?before
him. ??He had become erect again. ?I ?whispered to him, ?"Suck ?her
breasts, David, suck them for all your worth." He immediately dove to
the ?chore at hand and the minute his mouth clasped her breast ?in
his mouth, I felt her hit her peak, ?she bucked up into me and I felt
the ?wetness in her pussy get thicker and warmer as her ?juices,
released with her cum, flowed around my cock. This triggered my own,
and as my cum slammed up into her womb and against her cervix, ?I
could ?feel ?her cum again as she cried "OH GOD...I'M ?CUMMING, ??I'M
CUMMING, oh, David...Jonny...oh my GOD!!!! ?I'm cumming againnnnnnn."
I ?held ?my prick against her cervix, ?deep within her womb. ?As ?I
pumped my cum into her time and time again, ?she cried, ?"OH!", ?with
each blast.

As I moved from between her legs, David quickly replaced me, slamming
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