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How to get change/open payphones/steal them/disabl

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.


The information presented in this file is for entertainment purposes
only. The authors of this file take no responsibiltiy for any of its

The following text file is for AT&T & GTE payphones from 1982-1985. some
things are different on gte phones, so additions are included for them.

Section 1:The coin slot

For every 5 cents you put in a phone, a sound is made. After you put
the coins in the slot, they pass through a totalizer which counts them.
They then collect in a hopper. To empty out the hopper, all you have to
do is activate the coin relay. Payphones sometimes hold $100 or more.
To activate the relay place 5 cents in the phone. Stick a magnet up the
coin slot about 5 inches. Now remove the front panel of the phone. You
will see a series of wires. Cut the red and green wires. Now in the
front of the panel you will see three screws. Touch the green wire to
the third screw. Better have a hat ready, because alot of change is
gonna come flooding out. Isn't this fun?

Section 2:free credits
If you have a friend in germany you need to call this sections for you.
One of the cheap things about pay phones is they depend on tones to tell
them you inserted money. Well if you have a red box these tones are
easily duplicated, but i want to show you how do it without boxes in
this file. Now Some thing you need are...
A set of screwdrivers. You will need both philips and flathead. Now
open the front panel of the phone and cut the red and green wires. Take
the cover off the top of the phone and insert 5 cents. You should hear
nothing. Find a green wire coming from the coin slot down to the
hopper. Disconnect that wire. Now take off the case and you will see a
small switch. Move the switch. This sets the totalizer backwards 1.
Now put the hopper cover back on and reconnect the wire. Go back to the
front panel. Feel to the right of the two screws. You should feel 4
jumpers. 1 of the jumpers should be disconnected. Reconnect it. Now
cut the top jumper. You should hear a loud pop. Now touch the green
wire to the second screw. You will hear the sound of twenty five cents
being inserted. You now have 30 cents credit. Repeat as many times as
you need. Now reconnect the green wire and dial your number.
GTE Notes:
The green wire will be white. The red one will be blue. The totalizer
is located at the bottem of the front panel.

In part 2 we will show you how to take the payphone apart, and how to
take one home.

The information presented in this file is presented for entertainment
purposes only. The authors of this file take no responsibility for any
of its contents.

Section 1:how to open a payphone
An Atlantic Bell payphone is a heavily armored device. It is designed
to withstand attempted theft and damage. But as we found out in part 1,
we don't need to get through all the armor to phreak it. All we need to
do is get to the wiring which is all located behind 3 easy to remove
panels. All that holds the front panel on is 3 or 4 bolts. Just apply
sulfuric acid and in ten minutes or less they will come right out.
While you are waiting remove the other panels. The top panel is held on
by two tight nuts. A good pair of pliars will remove them. Now the
back panel is the hardest to remove. It is held together by a semi-
permanent solution. On the newer AT&T credit and pay phones, an alarm
goes off when the back panel is removed. The circuitry for it is
located in the top panel. Look for a round box with 4 wires coming out.
Cut the first and second ones. Now use sulfuric acid, wait ten minutes
and lift it off.
Section 2:How to steal a payphone
Ever wanted to have your own payphone. Its not very hard to steal one.
As a matter of fact, it is easy to rip one out of the wall, but I want
to show you how to take one home intact. Anyone traveling to Toronto
should stop by to see MR. C0SMOS' collection of payphones. He has them
set up and working. Stealing payphones is very dangerous. Much more
than phone boxing. Do not steal more than one from an area. They
sometimes know immediatly when its gone, so get the hell out of there.
The inside of it is heavily armored. If you are taking it for the
money, you will need a full set of philips & flathead screwdrivers,
sulfuric acid, a crowbar, a sledgehammer, bolt cutters, and probably
more. Now you can take it home and pound on it, or you can use the easy
way we showed you in part one.

In part 3 we will show you how to wire it up when you get it home and
alot of other stuff.

The information presented in this file is for entertainment purposes
only. The authors of this file take no responsibility for any of its

Well our mail boxes having been filling up with questions regarding this
series. We will answer them all in future files.

Ok, now you have your payphone home. What do you do with it. Well, if
you want to make it work, you need to run up a five prong cable from
the phone line in your basement. The outlet in the wall won't work.
Now, a two inch hole at the left front of it. Remove the back panel
(as described in part 1) and disconnect the wires coming out of it.
You will see them coming from silver screws. Disconnect them all. Now
make sure you know which screws they came from.

Now for some explaining. You could just wire it up with the existing
wires, but then it will make tones, so we are going to rewire it.

You will need 10 heavy duty 7 inch wires for the next part.

If you don't want it to accept money, skip this part.

Take the 12 O'clock screw and connect it to the screw at the bottom of
the totalizer. You will have to push it through, then take the top
off, and connect it. Connect the 2 O'clock screw to the green wire on
the silver box. Just cut the green wire from the box and connect them.

Ok, now this is the part that makes them work. Take the silver box
which is hanging loose now (make sure the wires attached already don't
come loose), and attach your 10 wires to the screws on the phone. Now
starting at the left top of the silver box, hook the wires on counter
clockwise starting with 3 O'clock, excluding 12, 2, 2:30, and 4.

Now run the cable up through the bottom, and hook it to the front of the
silver box. It should now work.

Ok, now to answer a question. A MAD! reader wants to know if you could
trip the totalizer using a wire stuck up the coin slot.

MR. C0SMOS answers that it would be very hard because of the bends
involved, and metal in the way. You might be able to if you used a non-
magnetic, very small, bendable rod. Just keep going up, until you
encounter a small lever, then move it. It
would take alot of patience.
The ABC's of Payphones part 4.

MAD!'s most popular series!

Telephone lock.

Rotery payphones dial by having the number roll back to its original
position. It breaks the signal the number of times indicated.
You can achieve the same effect by tapping rapidly on the little button
at the top of the phone (the one you use to hang up with).
Lets say you wanted to call 123-4567. You would tap on the number
once, pause half a second, tap rapidly twice, pause, tap three times
fast, pause, and so on. It takes a little practice to get the numbers
right, but it does work. So much for locked telephones.


Everyone knows the old trick where you would call someone on a payphone,
then walk away and it would stay off the hook till someone hung it up,
or a ma bell repair crew came and hung it up. Well, that doesn't work
anymore. It resets itself within 4-5 minutes. Well we were thinking
wouldn't it be nice if you could wire it so that the payphone wouldn't
hang up if the button was press. What you would be doing is turning it
off. Then the payphone couldn't be hung up. And while we were at it,
we found out how to keep it from reseting. Here's how...
Remove the top cover, and find the totalizer (for complete instructions
on how to do this see ABC's of payphones parts 1 and 2). Now unscrew
the cover of the totalizer and locate the center position where 6-10
wires meet. Clip all these wires. Put
both covers back on. Now open the front panel. Find those main wires
were always using. Now cut the 3rd wire to the right.

Ok what all this does is stop the payphone from reseting, and it turns
off the hang up button.

How to use it. Call someone up, and do the above instructions.

Getting money back.

If a payphone takes your money and won't give it back, but the money is
still in the hopper, heres what you can do. Just dial a 950 number,
such as 950-1044, and it will clear it out.

Endless ringing

This will make a payphone ring and ring. The only way to stop it will
be if a repairman comes out and fixes it.
Open the front of the phone. Now the in the front row of wires go and
clip the first, third, and fourth. Now touch them to each other untill
two of them make the phone ring. Now attach the two top ends and bottom
ends two each other. Take the odd
wire and reconnect it. Now cut the third wire to the right. If the
payphone isn't ringing right now, make sure the receiver is hung up and
touch those wires again. It will now ring. Put the phone together and
walk away.

Remember after every trick to put the phone back together for another

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